Jesse Williams' Ex Demands Full Custody Due To 'Erratic' Behavior, Schedule

Coparenting Conflict: Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Aryn Drake-Lee Files For Full Custody Of Kids Due To Actor’s Alleged ‘Erratic Behavior’

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The family feud continues…

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It took years for Jesse Williams to reach a settlement in a nasty divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee in 2020, but the mess is only getting messier now that the ink is dry. Radar Online reports that Drake-Lee is taking her ex back to court to strip Williams of joint custody because of his allegedly “erratic” and “threatening” behavior.

Last year, a judge ordered the former couple to attend a “high conflict” parenting class to help them resolve ongoing legal and physical custody disputes. That might have been too little too late. The real estate broker is requesting full custody, claiming that the actor’s inconsistency and refusal to communicate is a detriment to the well-being of their kids caught in the middle, Maceo and Sadie.

“I am requesting modification of the custody schedule and other provisions of the judgment to better reflect the new reality of our lives, and most importantly, properly, and positively address the needs of our children.”

According to Aryn, Jesse’s hectic work life, his firing of the children’s longtime nanny, and trying to juggle all that in a pandemic “resulted in increased inconsistency, longer absences, regular last-minute cancelations, and other issues which are incredibly disruptive to our children’s lives.” After Grey’s Anatomy, it’s even harder to accommodate the actor’s unpredictable work schedule and locations, says Aryn.

“Since Jesse’s exit, there have been multiple instances of Jesse notifying me with very little notice that he will be gone for weeks or months at a time for work, and therefore must cancel his custodial time,” the mother of two wrote.

Despite their 13 years together and five years of marriage, Aryn claims yet another day in court is the only wait to get any follow-through or communication from her ex. Their attempts at co-parenting resulted in Jesse canceling on his kids over a dozen times.

“I have tried to communicate with Jesse to resolve these issues to no avail. In May 2020, I sent a detailed communication with my concerns about their health and exhaustion, which Jesse read and ignored,” Aryn wrote. Since then, I have sent multiple messages about the recurring issues, but he has continued this trend of not participating in meaningful conversations or strategies about their health.”

It’s wild that after accusing Aryn of being an uninvolved” parent out of spite shortly after he filed for divorce in 2017, this latest filing claims that’s exactly what Jesse is doing now. The 40-year-old also claims that when she tries to hold Jesse accountable for dropping the ball with their co-parenting plans, he loses his temper.

“When I’ve reminded Jesse of his cancelations and informed him of plans made because of said cancelations, he has resorted to erratic behavior to try to force me to acquiesce to his demands; he calls me names, uses threatening language and intimidation tactics such as threatening to send the police to my home, causing me to fear for my and our children’s safety,” Aryn wrote.

A hearing is scheduled for April. Jesse has not yet responded to the claims.

Maybe the fiftyleventh time in court will be the charm and these two can work it out amicably for the kids.



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Do you think they can keep the peace or will these two continue the beef?


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