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Abbott Elementary!

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" - Season One

Source: Prashant Gupta/ABC via Getty Images

Everyone’s buzzing over hilariously heartwarming ABC sitcom “Abbott Elementary” that’s easily the funniest show on TV’s Blackest night where “Black-ish,” NBC’s “Grand Crew,” CW’s “Naomi,” and “The Wonder Years” reign supreme on social media.

It’s also ABC’s first comedy premiere to quadruple ratings since its original airing as the can’t-miss show we didn’t know we needed during these stressfully uncertain times.

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" - Season One

Source: Pamela Littky/ABC via Getty Images

Created, written and starring Quinta Brunson, the Emmy-worthy series centers around a kooky group of dedicated teachers and a proudly ridiculous principal who find themselves thrown together in a Philadelphia public school where they’re determined to help their students succeed in life.

Well, everyone except Principal Ava (Janelle James) who’s absolutely hilarious while doing everything but her actual job.

Starring alongside Brunson and James are Tyler James Williams (whose reactions to Ava’s shenanigans are priceless), Chris Perfetti (the coworker you refuse to interact with outside of work), Lisa Ann Walter (sassy firecracker who knows a guy who knows a guy) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (who we’ve loved our entire life).

“I was like, ‘I really enjoy all these sitcoms where characters just get to live day to day, specifically workplace sitcoms,’ . . . and for me, I just could not think of many workplace sitcoms with Black leads,” said Brunson in an interview with Pop Sugar.

“Most of the recent ones, there is one Black person, or a Black person and another person of color in the workplace, but not predominantly. Whereas where I’ve come from, most of the workplaces were composed of predominantly Black people, and I wanted to reflect that . . . I just thought it would be unique to do that. So I’m happy that people feel that, feel seen, and are enjoying watching this different version of a workplace sitcom.”

Are you on the “Abbott Elementary” train? If not, WHY? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over our fave new show on the flip. (*Note: The shows airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT but you can also watch on Hulu the following day)

“ava is too much 😭” – LOVE Ava

“Lol young Idris Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy” – *howls*


“”….let me back my tasty ass up.” LOL!” – too funny

“When you ask them new Apple Store specialists for help with your older iPhone” – haaaa

“Not Ava playing with bubble wrap” – Ava playing with bubble wrap is so Ava

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““But that’s what I dooooooo”

Precious bb boy 💙” – we love William

“It’s William having this book upside down for me” – bruhhh

“Andrew is taking a principle stand against Nationalism” – haaa

“If Janelle James doesn’t win an award for her character Principal Ava Coleman, I know something. There is no one funnier on network TV right now. Period” – period!

“Gregory’s faces are EVERYTHING” – everythinggg


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