'Grand Crew' Creator Recorded Show's Theme Music With Lil Nas X Producer

Jackson Of All Trades: Did You Know ‘Grand Crew’ Creator Phil Augusta Jackson Also Made The Show’s Theme Music?!

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“Grand Crew” is without a doubt one of our favorites from the Tuesday night lineup, so we were super excited to learn some behind the scenes information from the show’s executive producers Phil Augusta Jackson and Dan Goor.

NBC's New Comedy Series "Grand Crew" Premiere Event

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“It’s been fun because it’s on network TV, that week to week nature of it all is a very unique experience considering the kind of streaming world where we’re living where people consume everything at once, it’s been fun to see people anticipate and unpack the things we’re doing,” Phil Augusta Jackson told BOSSIP during an interview with Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden last week.

“We’re hearing people like to watch the show with a glass of wine, always with a glass of wine, Tuesday night 8:30/7:30 central watch ritual,” executive producer Dan Goor joked, plugging the show’s airtime.

As the creator of the show we were interested to learn from Jackson which character from “Grand Crew” most reflected his own personality.

“It’s interesting, I really do feel that there are elements of each character that I embody,” Jackson told BOSSIP. “When it comes to Noah and the rom-com of it all, I love a rom-com, it’s my favorite genre. The dedication to work and really being invested in career, that’s the Anthony side of me. The willingness to banter and argue but be playful about it, I think that’s the Sherm, and then maybe Wyatt is a future me, when I settle down. I think there’s a little bit of each character but I wouldn’t say that it’s as clear cut as one, but I think Dan…”

“Yeah for me I’m hard into pole dancing,” Goor interjected.

“Dan’s Nikki,” Phil joked.

“A lot of the Nikki storylines are coming directly from my life,” Dan deadpanned. “I’ve got rules about hooking up. Sex Henry, directly from my phone. If anything I’m the Wyatt I think. I’m married, dedicated to my family, constantly doing little bonsai cuttings.”

Grand Crew Key art and episodic stills featuring Nicole Byers, Echo Kellum, Justin Cunningham, Aaron Taylor Jennings, Carl Tart, Grasie Mercedies

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It’s clear that Goor and Jackson, who previously worked together on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” make for a really great team. So much so that Goor couldn’t help gushing about his producing partner when the topic turned to how Jackson, who is also a musician, is responsible for the theme music for “Grand Crew.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Goor told BOSSIP, speaking on Jackson’s musical talents. “And he’s so frickin humble about it. If I did the music and it was as awesome as it is — my kids walk around the house going ‘Grand Crew! Grand Crew!’ — I would be telling everybody I would be more proud of that than having created a show and having written it. It’s so good. It’s so cool, he’s so talented!”

“I make music, separate of scripts and acting and all that,” Jackson told BOSSIP.

“Google Phil Augusta Jackson and NPR, they did a feature about it!” Dan interrupted.

“My producer, his name is Nick Lee, he’s just a boy wonder, he co-produced Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby,” he’s like 24-years-old, and he’s just this amazing talent. So he produced my music stuff and when it came time to do the show I brought him onboard to compose the show. I always wanted to do the theme song but it felt like a natural partnership for us to create it together. And that’s how it came to be. So we wrote it and produced it together.”

Check out the full interview below:

“Grand Crew” airs Tuesday nights at 830PM EST/PST on NBC



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