In today’s “some things should be kept to ourselves” news, Joey Bada$$ is letting us in on some very intimate (and very unnecessary) details of his personal life.

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The rapper stopped by Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast this week, where he talked about his bedroom habits, practicing “semen retention,” and his desire to have two wives living on opposite ends of the country.

Toward the beginning of this conversation, Joey Bada$$ declared that he prefers to be the dominant one in the bedroom, after which the conversation moved toward oral sex. That’s when the star revealed that he doesn’t want to ejaculate during his sexual encounters.

“I’d rather not bust a nut, period,” he said. “Because I would rather preserve my lifeforce.”

Joey explained:

“When a man ejaculates, there’s a lot of things that leave your body. There’s blood cells, there’s testosterone, energy, you get depleted. They say it’s like an equivalent to running 20 miles when you bust a nut.”

The rapper went on to say that he’s a highly productive man, so he really needs his energy to get through the day. He also said that he has now been practicing semen retention for two years.

After being presented with that information against your will, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Joey doesn’t masturbate, either, calling it “weird.”

“I think that’s weird for a man, not for a woman,” he said.

In another tidbit from the podcast which seems to contradict Joey’s desire to “preserve [his] lifeforce,” the rapper also said he hopes to end up in a polyamorous marriage with two wives.

“I want two [wives],” he told the Lip Service ladies before claiming to have a few girlfriends living in separate houses right now. He went on to say that he doesn’t want his two families to intermingle, wanting these women to coexist without living together.

“They will have to be cool with each other, they’ll have to be able to call each other if they wanna get down like that. But it’s not a requirement,” he said. He went on to add that he could “potentially” see himself having two families in the same city, but he would prefer having one in New York and the other in Los Angeles.

If you, for some reason, want to hear even more about this man’s semen, check out the full podcast episode down below:




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