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Nicki…and Kevin Samuels?

While you were sleeping, a seemingly bored Nicki Minaj hopped on IG Live with polarizing “relationship expert”/”image consultant”/burster of bubbles Kevin Samuels for some cackles and conversation that sent social media into a frenzy.

Naturally, Nicki Minaj asked to be rated by the notoriously tough rater who gave her a 9 after she humbly rated herself a 7/10.

Why she cares what he (of all talking heads in turtlenecks) thinks, we have no idea, but a 9 is major after he slapped Saweetie with a 6 in a brief moment of insanity.

Other topics of conversation were sex, relationships, Black women, and marriage.

However, at one point, Nicki strangely spaced out when asked if she was married (2:53 mark).

What seemed like a random chat was really just promo for her upcoming single “Do We Have a Problem?” featuring Lil Baby who Nicki showered with praise on IG Live.

“First of all, I want to just say shout out to Lil Baby,” she said. “Y’all know I always keep it real about verses and all of that… Lil Baby, he might have… ummm… he might have got me!

“But listen, the point is: Lil Baby went super duper hard — pause — and it’s so refreshing to see people still care about that type of stuff. I still care about it.”

She continued, “I don’t think people didn’t know Lil Baby was nice, but I will say that he pleasantly surprises me all the time. This particular record was just another moment when you could just tell the difference when somebody knows they’re here for a long time.

“The way he pushed himself and his pen, I loved it. He bodied, bodied, bodied. Shout out to him for just being dope and down to earth and sweet. All of that.”

The ‘MegaTron’ rapper also teased her Benny Boom-directed “Do We Have a Problem?” video starring actors Corey Hardrict and Joseph Sikora. Both the movie-esque video and single drop this Friday.

All jokes aside, do you think Nicki is bored? Are you excited about her new single? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Nicki and Kevin’s lil chat on the flip.

“Why the f*ck is Nicki Minaj on live with Kevin Samuel’s” – that sandal tho

“Nicki Minaj rated herself a 7/10 on Kevin Samuels live.

When most women including Kevin gave her a 9.

Meanwhile it’s a whole herd of ugly/fat b*tches rating themselves a 10 because they got a degree” – oop

“Nicki rated herself a 7 & Kevin Samuels said she’s a 9 cause she has Asian eyes & isn’t Asian” – weirddd

“Kevin Samuels is sooooo sassy and disrespectful to women but soon as he got on Live with @NICKIMINAJ bra was full of the upmost respect and even was a tad bit more masculine…😂 thats hilarious” – a sight to see

“Nicki Minaj rated herself a 7 on Kevin Samuels IG live. Sis please. You’re over a 10. If Nicki a 7 wtf would all us regular girls be. 😂” – well…

“Just as we thought Kevin Samuels only picks on women he thinks can’t tussle with him!!! He didn’t come for Queen
@NICKIMINAJ like a fool. Weak a**!!! – hmmm

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“Kevin Samuels rated Nicki a 9 which is interesting because he rated Saweetie an 8” – *an adjustable 6 with potential to be an 8

“This is not the same energy that Kevin Samuels gives. Nicki got him stuttering 😭😭” – mannn

““Kevin Samuels ain’t cuss Nicki out like he do the others”

No sh*t dummy” – welppp



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