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People Protest The Police Killing Of Amir Locke In Minneapolis

Source: Nathan Howard / Getty

The shooting death of Amir Locke at the hands of Minnesota Police during a no-knock warrant raid a la Breonna Taylor is making the governor of Minnesota a very scary Larry. Tim Walz has activated the National Guard according to a report in Daily Mail. The move comes as the federal trial against 3 police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd continues. Additionally, more Minneapolis police officers are under fire after video was released of the aformentioned shooting death of Amir Locke.

Walz released a statement notifying the public that he was bringing out the big guns.

“Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of Minnesotans, and at the request of the City of Saint Paul, I have authorized the Minnesota National Guard to make preparations to assist local law enforcement agencies as needed,” said Governor Walz.

“The National Guard will be available to help keep the peace, ensure public safety, and allow for peaceful demonstrations.”

Translation: “We know you people don’t trust us to do the right thing but if you dare start calling us out on our bulls**t, then we’ll respond with the violence that reinforces why you don’t trust us in the first place.”

There’s no telling how either of these trails will turn out. Breonna Taylor still hasn’t gotten justice in her no-knock murder and just because Derek Chauvin is headed to the bing doesn’t mean that J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao won’t walk away scot-free.


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