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Julia Fox, Azealia Banks

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Rapper Azealia Banks wants Julia Fox to know that she’s doesn’t have a single solitary nice thing to say about her after she dragged the actress over her alleged drug use and alleged sex work. Amid their nasty feud, things got ugly after Julia posted and deleted her own alleged receipts of Azealia “begging” her for drugs.

The beef started with 30-year-old Azealia going in on 32-year-old Julia Fox’s quickie romance with superstar mogul Kanye West. Azealia shared a screenshot of Julia’s statement about her split from Kanye and added in her thoughts about the actress’ alleged illicit activities.

Azealia wrote on her IG Stories on Tuesday:

“We already know the tea Foolia! [You] came to Miami looking for sex work, [the] same lawyer was in contract with Ye and it was a weak PR stunt from the jump.

What did you hustle him [Kanye] for? A bag and some Lucien’s? You absolutely did not come up because if this is how women who ‘always date billionaires’ behave when s**t goes south, threatening tell-all books… You can kiss your days as a low-rate escort goodbye, sis.

The things you have made public in regards to your drug abuse (s**t he probably had no clue about in the beginning) are not what he needs associated with him in any custody battle that may arise in court during divorce proceedings.”

Azealia added that Julia was a “liability” to Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian.

“We won’t be purchasing your book, I wouldn’t write it if I were you. It’ll make [you] look racist and bitter. You are not Karrine Steffans level of legendary. You’ve already told your secrets, sis. It’s over.”

In the past, Julia has fessed up about her battle with drugs, revealing she had used heroin and suffered from more than one overdose. In a New Yorker interview, she also got candid about her work as a dominatrix, although she claimed she never had sex with clients.

Following her initial post, Azealia then shared a screenshot of an alleged text exchange with Julia, in which the actress had warned her not to “talk s**t’ about her son.”

Azealia refused, adding “Okay your son is a crackbaby….what next.”

That’s when Julia Fox shared her own (alleged) receipts on Azealia, sharing more of their text thread.


Julia wrote over the screenshot:

“So it has come to my attention that this troll keeps calling me a junkie umm sis do u recall @azealiabanks.”

In one of the screenshots, Azealia allegedly asks: “Julia who sells molly and Percocet in NYC?”

Julia then allegedly responds: “Hi love sry I was sleeping!!! let me ask around cuz I deleted all the dealers from my phone when my sis OD’d.”



Azealia closed out the Instagram beef by sharing an image of Julia appearing to inject herself with a needle, that she captioned ‘nausea’.

Are YOU shocked that Azealia and Julia Fox are pettily BEEFING like this?


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