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Fireman in protective suit standing near fire truck with equipment.

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Much has been written and said about how crooked, racist, and despicable that police officers can be/are but rarely do we talk about racism inside the fire departments in AmeriKKKa. That’s been changing recently.

According to an article in Philly Voice, the commissioners in Darby Township, Pennsylvania have suspended Briarcliffe Fire Company after several of the members were outed for using wildly racist slurs to describe Black people and mocking the death of a young Black girl. The racist revelry took place on a Zoom call following a public meeting about consolidating local firehouses.

In August 2021, 8-year-old Fanta Bility was gunned down by 3 police officers (two white, one Black) outside of a football game at Academy Park High School. Apparently, this is funny to these d***heads as they kiki’d and haha’d about the child’s name sounding like soda. Fanta’s family is displeased to say the very least.

“By brazenly mocking Fanta and her death, some associated with Briarcliffe Fire Department did a disservice to the community they are sworn to protect, thereby reopening wounds from that fateful night when Fanta lay mortally wounded, though conscious, knowing her life drained away. To trivialize what this young girl endured that night gives new meaning to the descriptive ‘despicable.'”

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Another firefighter can be heard lamenting the fact that more Black people are moving to the area and remarking, “It’s time to go”.

Local politicians spoke out in the wake of the recording going public and subsequent suspension.

We know that this is not right to the residents, and we want to make sure that the residents are treated fairly,” Delaware County Councilman Richard Womack said at a news conference Thursday. “And to have these kinds of actions taken and these kinds of remarks made, it’s just unacceptable. We will continue to do what we have to do to make sure this does not happen again in Darby Township or in any other township or borough because no one should have to be subject to that.”

The firehouse company was suspended for 30 days. There is no word on what other disciplinary action will be taken but under no circumstances should any of these men be allowed to be a public servants. They sound like the type to light up a cross on your lawn then swap their robes and pointy hoods for helmets and protective gear to put it out.



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