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Amateur Night At The Apollo Season Opener With Special Co-Host Nick Cannon

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Father of eight Nick Cannon is making even more headlines over the sound bites from his podcast interview with Dr. Laura Berman and this time he’s trending for talking about his highly sought-after sperm.

On his daytime talk Nick Cannon Show, the television host released a second clip from The Language Of Love podcast where he shared with Dr. Laura that he not only “feels guilty” spending time with new women, but he’s cautious because they want to have his baby, too.

Dr. Laura: “Can you just have sex with someone who isn’t one of your baby mamas or pick one?”

Nick Cannon: “Then they want to become my baby mama too — that’s the problem.”

Dr. Laura: “But what about birth control, can’t you just say ‘No’?”

Nick Cannon: “Yea, okay, absolutely and I will walk you through this process…”


The brief clip Cannon shared on the show cut off his whole response which was very interesting, to say the least. In the audio version of the podcast, Nick — who has five baby mamas — revealed that he’s so cautious with new partners that he will wear two condoms during sex.

He also likes to make sure his partners get tested like he does every three weeks.

“When it comes to hygiene and all,l I’m the biggest germ freak in the world. I will put on TWO condoms.

Like, if I don’t know you. And I feel like, okay, the end, really. Probably this is part of the problem because I’m such a germaphobe. And I’ll go to the extent of like, ‘Yo, let’s go to the doctor together.’

I get my blood taken, you know, every three weeks, because of my condition. I want to know all the panels. I want to know what bacteria I need to know everything because that’s how much of a germ freak I am.”

In part one of his sitdown, Nick also got candid about the “backpack” of guilt he carries after the death of his son, Zen.

“One thing that keeps me up at night, there’s this heavy, heavy guilt with the fact that I didn’t get to spend time like I really wanted to with Zen,” said Nick. “That I have other children even in a similar age that I was like, ‘OK, I’m guilty that I’m not there every day. I’m guilty that the mothers of my children yearn for more and I can only give so much.'”

“I walk around with a backpack full of guilt,” Cannon, who is father to soon-to-be eight children, said. “But at least I know the harder that I work, then it makes the guilt easier to deal with.”




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