Vice President Kamala Harris Gives Speech In Selma On 57th Bloody Sunday



On March 7, 1965, white policemen beat, stomped, punched, tear-gassed, and set dogs on peaceful Black protesters for having the audacity to demand equality, specifically in regards to voting rights. It has been 57 years since that day on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama yet here we are, still looking to protect our right to have a say in who has a leadership role in America.

Yesterday, to commemorate the harrowing and historic day, the first Black Vice President this land has ever seen, Kamala Harris, addressed a crowd filled with activists, historians, politicians, and the Black proletariat who haven’t forgotten how hard it was to get to this point in the first place. According to the AL:

“With that, it is a privilege to be around so many leaders, dedicated activists, friends, and American heroes,” Harris said, as she paid tribute to the families of the late Congressman John Lewis and the family of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Vice President Harris also paid tribute to the fact that almost everyone walking that bridge 57 years ago knew that violence, injury, and potential death were waiting on the other side. They did it anyway.
“They knew that if they wanted true freedom, if they wanted to claim what was theirs by birth, they had to march on this bridge on that day. They were prepared for the worst. On this bridge, on that day,” Harris said of the marchers and activists. “The worst found them. Their peaceful protest was met with violence. They were kneeling when the state troopers charged. They were praying when the billy clubs struck. On this bridge, on that day. Those great marchers continue to push forward to secure the freedom to vote.”
We remember. We’ve seen the photographs, read the news articles, and heard the testimonies of those who endured. We remember despite the fact that there are sitting politicians who have recently made it their life’s work to make people forget by attempting to ban Critical Race Theory.


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