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Breonna Taylor’s Mother Tamika Palmer Meets With DOJ, Wants Federal Charges Filed Against Cops

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Breonna Taylor’s death is still being fully justified by the state and the legal system despite the bevy of errors and malfeasance that lead to 8 gunshot wounds in her body. Sure, officer Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove have been fired but neither has been held legally responsible for her death as Hankison was acquitted of his criminal charges. No one is in handcuffs. No one is in prison. No one is awaiting trial. Breonna’s mother Tamika Palmer is not apt to allow that fact to remain.

According to CNN, Palmer met with the Department of Justic’s Civil Rights Division to request further investigation into her daughter’s shooting death in order to bring federal charges against the officers involved.

“I’m here at the Department of Justice asking them to do the right thing,” Palmer said at a news conference after the meeting. “This is bigger than Breonna. If no one addresses this issue, they’ll keep kicking in our doors and murdering us.”

Sunday marked two years since Breonna was killed and we can’t help but think about the fact that we would have never known her name if it wasn’t for the persisetence and indefatigable fight that her mother has put up since the day her child was taken away from her.

“For the nation, it’s been two years and one day,” Palmer said. “For me, I’m trapped in March 13, 2020. I don’t know how people think I should just move on.”
Often times when these meetings take place, we are told that there was a meeting with some enigma like “officials” or “representatives”. However, in this case we have a name to hold accountable. Palmer and attorney Ben Crump met with DOJ’s Kristen Clarke about this case. Crump says that they were given assurances that every possible measure will be taken to achieve the goal of justice.
“They said, ‘Be not dismayed,'” Crump said, recounting the meeting. “They’re turning over every stone, looking at any civil rights charges on behalf of Breonna Taylor, because they would do the same for any citizen. Because Breonna Taylor deserves it.”
We gon see.


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