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We’re gonna tell you now, this story is gonna run you hot. It definitely made us clench our jaw.

Black UK Teen Strip Searched After Being Accused Of Marijuana Possession

According to new reporting via The Daily Beast, a 15-year-old girl across the pond at a school somewhere in London was strip-searched by police officers while she was menstruating after her teacher accused her of smelling like marijuana.

You read that sentence 100% correctly. A girl who was in the midst of one of the most uncomfortable parts of life at her age was forced to full disrobe and allow 4 grown adults to peer into her body’s orifices to satisfy their query about whether or not she had plants in her possession. The girl, identified as “Child Q”, was in the middle of taking an exam back in 2020 when her teacher had her pulled from class after being told she smelled of marijuana. A search of her bag, scarf, and blazer revealed nothing of the sort, so the teacher escalated the situation by calling the Metro Police. Upon arrival, four officers took the girl to a private room and made her strip her clothes, remove her menstrual pad, spread her butt, and cough as if she was some prison inmate. Nothing was  Her parents were not contacted prior and her teacher was not in the room to supervise. Child Q spoke out in a statement released yesterday.

“Someone walked into the school, where I was supposed to feel safe, took me away from the people who were supposed to protect me and stripped me naked, while on my period,” Child Q said in her Wednesday statement.

Here’s what her mother had to say to authorities in the subsequent interview:

“Do you think it is appropriate for a Black girl to be searched without a parent or family member?” the girl’s mother told CHSCP investigators in an interview provided outlined in the report. “Would [you] allow your child to be strip searched and questioned without consent or a guardian present, for a 15-year-old to be interrogated by multiple unnamed police officers?”

Britons are furious at the news and many have taken to social media to express intense outrage.

As a result of this trauma, Child Q was advised to seek psychological care by her family doctor.

We sincerely hope that this young girl can find some form of healing after such an ugly incident. Moreover, someone needs to be made responsible for this and pay a very harsh penalty!


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