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Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas Premiere Screening

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Joseline Hernandez and her husband Balistic Beats released a statement following accusations they violently attacked Amber Ali and more cast members from their Zeus TV reality show “Joseline’s Cabaret.”

Amber Ali Claims Security Didn’t Help During Joseline & Balistic’s Attack

Yesterday, Amber accused Joseline and her husband of injuring her ribs at the show’s reunion, which she says sent her to the emergency room. While laying in a hospital bed, Amber went live to tell her followers that the couple kicked her and pulled her hair.

Amber added that security never protected her during the alleged brawl, allowing the couple to “get their licks in.”

Since Amber Ali initially claimed that Joseline and Balistic abused their power to injure her, more allegations about the pair attacking women have come forward.


Cast Member ReRe Weeps After Allegedly Being Kicked By Joseline Unprovoked

Another participant of “Joseline’s Cabaret” named ReRe revealed to her followers that she was also injured during the show’s reunion taping. While sobbing, ReRe explained on Instagram live to her fans,

“I’m in so much pain right now so don’t mind me. My back hurts, my rib cage hurts. My back, my hips. My face, my head. I didn’t do nothing to nobody…I don’t know why.”

Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas Premiere Screening

Source: Bryan Steffy / Getty

Shortly after, a third cast member who was at the reunion named Lexi blasted Joseline and Balistic on Instagram live, accusing the couple of violently attacking several women before fleeing the set.

“Security wanna hold everybody…hold them back and let [Joseline & Balistic] get their licks in. So all that sh*t that Joseline is talking, how she kicked this b*****…that’s only because she only had security behind her.

Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas Grand Opening

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Lexi added that she witnessed Joseline allegedly attack ReRe for “no reason” during the reunion taping.

“ReRe didn’t even say nothing, she was just sitting there and looking pretty. [Joseline] gonna pull her hair, then kick her…kick her in her f***ing stomach.”

ReRe and Lexi made their claims about the reunion in a post shared by The Shade Room. Swipe to see it.

Joseline And Balistic Deny Assault Allegations In Official Statement

Following the allegations made against them, Joseline’s Instagram and Facebook accounts were strategically removed, likely because of backlash. The Puerto Rican Princess initially addressed Amber on Twitter, calling her a “drunk hoe” while making more disparaging comments. She has since shared a formal statement on behalf of herself and Balistic that sounds a lot different from her tweets.

“We are deeply saddened by the accusations made against our family at the Joseline’s Cabaret Reunion,” reads the statement. “We would like to thank our fans for their continued support. Joseline is the mother of a five-year old girl and would never take any action to jeopardize her family.”

Joseline claimed to be supporting women with her “Caberet” contest in her statement.

“Joseline’s Cabaret was created on the foundation of female empowerment. One of our program’s core values is supporting women, not breaking them down. While we support Zeus Network in its message in condemning bullying, unprovoked violence, and men attacking women, we strongly disagree with a correlation between these themes and the events that took place last night.

There is footage of the events and we are confident that our position is made obvious. In a time when social media narratives easily get misconstrued, we believe our family’s response is being silenced by the facilitated deletion of both Joseline’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.”

Amber Ali Plans To Take Legal Action Against Joseline And Balisitic Beats

Unfortunately, Amber Ali doesn’t believe a word Joseline is saying and finds her alleged actions “horrific,” according to an official statement from her lawyers. The attorneys stated that they’re “very saddened by the events that occurred during the taping of Joseline’s Cabaret reunion show,” calling the acts “horrific, unacceptable, and far removed from any notion of female empowerment.”

“It is neither permissible nor entertaining to be the subject of intentional acts of violence, irrespective of the gender of the perpetrator committing these acts. The network should ensure the safety and security of its cast members, which warrants the degree of care necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or harm.

The extent of our client’s injuries and distress are to be taken very seriously, and we intend to vigorously address and advocate on her behalf.

Joseph Adeife & Kathy Rabii of Adeife & Rabii, APC”

Similarly, the Zeus Network released a statement saying that it does not “condone bullying, unprovoked violence and men attacking women” while encouraging anyone who encounters violence to “contact local authorities.”



YIKES! What do YOU think of Joseline’s formal response to allegations she attacked her show’s cast members?


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