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Joseline Hernandez, Amber Ali Fight

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Joseline Hernandez might be owning up to assault allegations made against her by a Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas cast member after tweeting about “pimp smacking” and kicking.

Amber Ali Accuses Joseline & Balistic Beats Of Assaulting Her

Amber: Joseline's Cabaret

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Joseline’s Cabaret cast member Amber Ali recently accused Joseline and her husband Balistic Beats of injuring her ribs at the show’s reunion which she says sent her to the emergency room. Amber went live to share with followers what allegedly landed her in a hospital bed and pointed the finger at Joseline and Balistic. 

Oh my God, yes I’m in the hospital because Joseline kicked me and Balistic attacked me, but I only came to the hospital because my ribs are very bruised…because Joseline had some big boots on and she kicked me.

Amber then stood up to show off some bruising that appeared down the side of her torso and added,

Balistic just ripped my hair off my head; he ripped my hair out. We gonna handle this in court.

In a follow-up video shared by The Shade Room, Amber is seen weeping in disbelief over allegedly being attacked by Joseline and her husband. After reality set in, an emotional Amber said that she felt “shocked” that Balistic, a man, really put his hands on her.

Joseline Antagonizes Amber Ali, Admits To Assaulting ‘Cabaret’ Cast Members

Amber’s tears didn’t seem to move Joseline at all. The 35-year-old reality star antagonized Amber on Twitter after the cast member made her assault allegations and threatened to handle the couple in court. According to Joseline, she has no remorse over what went down.

Keep crying from your hospital bed with your broken ribs one kik you flew into next day Rotten mouth a** h*e

During her rant, Joseline also bragged about hurting several of the women who compete to earn their spot in her “Cabaret” on Zeus. 

I mortal kombat one h*e Pimped slapped another 1 Pushed one into last nights episode Kiked down a few on the ground. I slapped fire out of everyone on that stage. Me n my crew. Wait for it #joselinescabaretlasvegas

In a final word (for now) Joseline seems to rationalize her volatile behavior on her original Zeus series with the fact that she has “too much money.” She also alleged that Amber “can’t” sue her.

And for you dumb b**ches when you sign up for a reality show you CANNOT filed a lawsuit against anyone on the show. You dummies.

I have too much money to have time for b***hes that don’t make me no money. So if you don’t work for me please kindly mind your broke down business n go get a f**king Job dog face mad jealous envious DRUNK DRUNK H*E H*E

Are YOU shocked that Joseline and her husband Balistic are facing assault allegations?


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