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29-year-old Jajuan R. Henderson of Trenton, New Jersey went to the car to grab an iced tea when according to NBC News, he was boxed in by several vehicles and unidentified men with masks and dark clothes. Feeling in danger, Henderson tried to call 911 when one of the men smashed his window and shot him 4 times. Henderson survived the attack and went on to file a lawsuit because the men who attacked him were none other than the Trenton Police Department.

The shooting left Jajuan paralyzed from the chest down. In addition, he was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and obstruction of justice. However, the aggravated assault charges have subsequently been dropped.


Questions Loom After Jajuan R. Henderson Shooting, Lawsuit Is Pending

There are a great many questions that have yet to be answered by the police at this time. First, why was a covert plainclothes attack squad set loose on Jajuan? What did they think he was doing? Who gave them this information? When will the body camera footage of the incident be released to the public? When will the names of the 4 officers involved be released to the public?

None of this makes any sense and it appears that a Black man who didn’t create any threat whatsoever has been maimed for life. An affidavit states that the police were “conducting a traffic stop” (On a parked car? While wearing dark-colored gear and masks??) and Henderson would not comply with their orders and wouldn’t stop reaching under his seat.

Attorney Derek Demeri is representing Jajuan and had this to say:

“A Black man sitting in a car at midnight while on a cell phone was all the unidentified police needed to smash the driver’s side window. Despite being unarmed, nonthreatening, and minding his own business, the police proceeded to use lethal force and shoot Jajuan in the neck. It is a miracle Jajuan survived.”

The oinky boys have some serious splainin’ to do.


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