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Deshaun Watson will once again go uncharged with any crimes related to an allegation of sexual misconduct as a second grand jury has declined to haul him into court according to ESPN. Watson was recently traded to the Cleveland Browns and given the biggest guaranteed contract in NFL history with $230 million for five years of work. Suffice to say that the optics of the situation have left a very bad taste in people’s mouths.

Here’s Why A Grand Jury Declined To Indict Deshaun Watson On Sexual Assault Charges

Brazoria County District Attorney Tom Selleck (no, not that Tom Selleck) released a statement closing the case.

“After a careful and thorough review of the facts and evidence documented in the reports prepared by the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department, as well as hearing testimony from witnesses, the Grand Jury for Brazoria County has declined to charge Deshaun Watson with any crimes. Accordingly, this matter is closed.”

There is still the matter of the civil lawsuit where Watson is much more likely to be “held responsible.” With 22 women serving alleged accounts of Watson’s sexual deviance, we could go through a Doctor-Strange-in-Infinity-War amount of scenarios in our heads and pretty much all of them would end with Watson shelling out a few million dollars on settlements. The burden of proof is much lower in civil court and the testimonies will no doubt be graphic and emotional.

The allegations in the lawsuits ranged from touching women with his genitals to forced oral sex. Eight of the women who sued Watson filed criminal complaints against him with Houston police and had been set to appear before the grand jury.

All eyes will be on the daily reports that emerge from the civil cases. Check back with us for more updates.



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