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On Thursday, Doja Cat told her fans via Twitter that she’s ready to quit music and that she “can’t wait to f****** disappear.” She even changed her Twitter name to “I quit.”

Lollapalooza Brazil - Day 1

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Now, before we get into why, let’s just acknowledge the fact that recording artists stay claiming they’re quitting the music biz and then not doing it. Jay Z was talking about retiring like 9-10 albums ago but here he is still shouting “iss ya’ boy” like we ain’t been listening to his post-“retirement” music for fiddy-leven years and need him to reintroduce himself. (From what I understand, his name is Hov.)

So I’m just pretty confident that despite her claim, we haven’t seen the last of Doja Cat. In writing that sentence, I’m just now realizing she sounds like a DC Comics supervillain, and Doja indeed didn’t fully “quit” yet because she’s already hit the stage again.

Before we discuss that, let’s get into what happened.

From to XXL:

In a set of now-deleted tweets that were posted by Doja last night (March 24), the Californian rapper said that she was throwing in the towel on rapping. She was due to perform at Asuncionico 2022 – Music Festival Wizard in the South American country, but was unable to do so due to a major storm that caused flooding and major damage. However, it appears that how she handled the situation is what fans are griping over. Not the fact that the storm thwarted her show.

So basically, Doja was supposed to perform at a music festival in Paraguay but it was canceled due to a storm and fans felt she reacted poorly to the situation. There was something about fans lining up outside her hotel room and her never showing up to greet them. (Honestly though, some of y’all need to understand that you don’t own people or their time just because you’re fans. Plus, she probably got one of those high-end hotels from Inventing Anna with minibars the size of actual bars and Tempur-Pedic mattresses and sh**. I wouldn’t have come out during a storm to see y’all’s janky a**** either.)

While some of her tweets were deleted, some of her interactions with fans are still posted.


So, some people seem to think Doja Cat was being a melodramatic primadonna and some think it was the fans who were being entitled idiots standing out in the rain waiting for a Doja “hello.”



Either way, Doja Cat is tired and about to be retired—but stay tuned for like 9 more Doja Cat albums and then…THEN she is done with y’all. A rep for the rapper previously told TMZ that she still plans to perform in Brazil and “she’s looking forward to it.”

The rapper who also changed her name on Twitter to (i quit still) also tweeted this Friday right before hitting the stage during day one of Lollapalooza Brazil Music Festival at Interlagos Racetrack.


Lollapalooza Brazil - Day 1

Source: Mauricio Santana / Getty


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