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64th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Telecast

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On Sunday night, SZA beelined to the stage with crutches while accepting her Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Kiss Me More” with a post-bathroom break Doja Cat.

The quirky moment seemed on brand for Doja Cat, who was panting, fresh from a “fast piss” to accept her first Grammy, but SZA’s curious pair of crutches sent fans spiraling for a few reasons.

64th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Telecast

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Many questioned; “WHY is SZA suddenly on crutches??? while expressing worry Nfor their fave who was assisted on stage by Lady Gaga. 


SZA Posed For The Grammys Red Carpet Without Crutches

Earlier in the evening, the “CTRL” singer posed on the red carpet seemingly without any assistance. With that, many were stunned that SZA, 31, came on stage on crutches during her acceptance speech.

The singer later told reporters that she needed the crutches because she “fell out of bed” before the show, PEOPLE reports. She attributed her injury to her life just being “random” and “funny.”

“It’s very funny because I fell out of bed right before it was time to like leave and get ready for this, like the day before,” she explained in the Grammys press room. “But I definitely- that’s the way it goes. Like everything awesome in my life has always come with something like very random but it just adds to the energy and I’m just grateful.”

Fans React To SZA Using Crutches At The Grammys

Unfortunately, SZA’s crutches became a running joke from trolls on Twitter who questioned if the singer needed them to walk or if she used them as an accessory for “sympathy” or as a way to skip out on performing.


“She’s literally walking,” another pointed out.

Dozens of reactions like this flooded Twitter with fans doubting that SZA needed crutches to walk while rocking sky-high heels.

SZA Shows Evidence Of Her Twisted Ankle

Despite some doubts about her injury, the singer posted clear evidence of her ankle being bandaged. SZA pointed out her “weak a** boney ankles,” making a joke out of her injury in a photo dump.

In a tweet, TDE music label President, Punch, also backed up SZA’s ankle injury story, pointing to how inspiring she was to him, powering through her injury to accept her Grammy Award with Doja Cat.

“Crazy day man. SZA twisted her ankle the night before the awards, really hours before. She almost cancelled. It was super inspiring to see her power thru and make it at the tail end of the red carpet and then go up on stage with crutches to get the trophy with doja. Salute.”

Lil Nas X made light of SZA’s ankle injury, dubbing himself her caretaker post Grammys as he wheeled her around in a wheelchair. Hilarious!

Congratulations to Doja Cat and SZA on their Grammy win. We hope SZA gets well soon!



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