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“Yeah, I felt that watching it too…”

A reality star stunner is back booed up with her man despite putting their relationship through the wringer on a dating experiment show.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Netflix’s The Ultimatum” sent social media into a tizzy after debuting on April 6. People have been streaming the Kinetic Content produced show and peering through their fingers as they watch six couples at a crossroads put their bond to the ultimate test.

All of the couples have to make a choice as one of the partners wants to get married but the other isn’t so sure. With that, they agree to briefly break up and date people from the other couples before choosing a new partner to move in and embark on a three-week “trial marriage” with.  Following that they move in with their original partner and embark on the same three-week trial marriage journey. Finally, on the Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosted program that’s rife with tears, hot hookups, baeships and yes, betrayal, each couple chooses if they want to commit to marriage or move on — whether alone or with someone new.


For one lady in particular, it looked like her ultimatum worked–until she revealed what was really going down during the reunion.

Shanique Brought Randall On “The Ultimatum”

Heart-eye hysteria sparking Shanique raised eyebrows when she issued an ultimatum to her boo Randall after one-and-a-half years of dating.

After the two agreed to break up for the experiment, Shanique chose to spend her trial marriage with Zay a hot basketball player who was given an ultimatum by his college sweetheart Rae.

The Ultimatum

Source: Ilana Panich-Linsman / Netflix

The Ultimatum

Source: The Ultimatum / Netflix

Meanwhile, Shanique’s boo Randall chose  Madlyn, a woman who was [clearly] hot in the pants for him despite being issued an ultimatum by her boo Colby.

The Ultimatum

Source: The Ultimatum / Netflix

The Ultimatum

Source: The Ultimatum / Netflix

Randall and Shanqiue went through the experience and despite some blowups and the two of them exploring their other partners in some physical ways, Randall popped the question, and it looked they got their fairytale ending.

Fast-forward to the reunion however and Shanique revealed that there was a split between them and the wedding was on pause for now despite them reconciling.

BOSSIP recently chatted with Shanique about life post-“The Ultimatum”, her 6-month break up with her boo, and those viral comments that her man gave Madlyn an “attitude” pass because of her race.

–dani canada

Let’s talk about you issuing the ultimatum. Was there a specific moment in your relationship when you were like, “Enough! It’s time for you to get up off your a** and propose?”


Okay. I’m going to be completely honest here, because there are a couple things, right? So obviously we didn’t know about the show, The Ultimatum. There wasn’t a conversation between Randall and I where I’m like, “I’m going to give you an ultimatum.” But I think we were at a point in our relationship where I was noticing that I was always the one initiating heart-to-heart or emotional conversations. I was the only one initiating conversations about the future unless he was joking about having kids. And that was a strong “no “for me. I’m like, “You want kids, you got to put a ring on this finger, for sure!”But just in general, I felt like there were moments where he just wanted to be in a relationship and it was comfortable and it was easy.

We were friends, before everything, so kind of made it just easy for him. And I don’t know if there was one particular moment, but just, I think, the constant brushing off the plans or just not being intentional about those things. I kind of saw that as a red flag, and so when the opportunity presented itself, we were like… Well, I was like, “Yeah, I think this is a really great way to put things into perspective for him.” And of course, that’s not exactly how it went. But yeah, that’s what it is.

Numerous people on social media said that you two are too young to even think about getting married. You’re in your early 20s, right? I would love for you to respond to that—why do you think you’re ready for marriage?

Yeah, I’m glad you asked. At that time, I was 24 and he was 26. I’m going to be honest and say…I’m just going to let it all out. In our relationship, I could probably count the amount of times that we used protection. So we were very serious, I felt like, in our relationship. We were very committed. We spent a lot of time together. He had met my family. I don’t do that. So to me, I thought that this was a very serious relationship and it was heading in that direction. And, to be totally candid, one of my biggest fears was, or is, becoming a single mom, just because I saw how that affected all the women in my family. And that was just something that was kind of one of those generational curses, if you will, that I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t falling into. And being that we were in the kind of relationship that we were in, I thought it was important for him to be intentional about those things and just not leave it up to chance. So I think I saw that as my person. I knew I loved him. I knew I could see a future with him. I was sure about those things, and I needed him to be sure. And my way of you showing me that at that time, was you proposing.

So intentionality is clearly big for you. I want to talk about intentionality [in your relationship] now. How is the intentionality with Randall? We saw during the reunion that there was a six-month breakup, how are you guys doing now?

Yeah. So I broke up with Randall after the reunion and it was for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest thing was all the problems or all of the issues that were uprooted during the experience, they’re just not able to be fixed in three weeks. In the three weeks that we spent together, we may have had some good moments that maybe you guys weren’t able to see, but that wouldn’t solve the core of the issues that we were having. And I felt like after the cameras went away and after we just walked away from the experience, he’s like, “Well, she got the ring. We’re good, we’re happy. And everything should be fine now!” And I didn’t feel that way, 100 percent. So to answer your question, at that point I was like, “You know what? I’m still realizing that it’s not just about the ring but about the other part of the ultimatum, right? Like you choosing me, ending up for me, you knowing that I’m your person and choosing me every day. O needed that. And obviously, like I said, there were other issues as well. Other pieces of the relationship that were a little rocky, that you guys got to witness.

The Ultimatum

Source: The Ultimatum / Netflix

And I think by me breaking up with him and by me actually walking away from the relationship—and [by the way] I am not a person who breaks up for fun. Honey, I don’t break up to make up. When I break up, in my mind, I’m done. And that was what I was doing. I was walking away from it. I felt like I did the absolute, craziest thing you could possibly do [with The Ultimatum]  And if that don’t get it straightened out, then what will?

And in that time that we were broken up, those six months, when I tell you this man didn’t let a day go by that he didn’t call me. He would stop by my apartment at the time and leave flowers at the door. He’s like, “I know you probably don’t want to talk to me right now, but there are flowers out there for you.” And this is what I was missing.  I needed him to realize what I meant to him and really appreciate that. And he did that in every way.

So at that point, I was like, “Okay, maybe I’ll start spending some more time with him.” You give him a little inch here and there. And he really showed himself in that way. He was super open, emotionally. He was so vulnerable with me about so many things that were going on in his life. And I’m rambling at this point, but at this point, I am seeing that he is taking us very seriously and he is doing pretty much everything that I have been asking him to do. Even the things that I’m not asking, I think he’s thinking about it and trying to be proactive about making sure he’s showing up for me.

Beautiful. I love to hear that. Sometimes I feel like men need that reality check because they’re like, “She ain’t going to leave me. She’s good…”

But I’m going to leave your a**!

Right! Since we are talking about Randall, I do want to talk about something else that I saw on social media. And it’s of course about him and Madlyn. People were on your man’s head about how he reacted to Madlyn’s attitude, versus your attitude. And one of the things they [social media]said was, “It’s crazy how a white woman can throw a tantrum and it’s never seen that way.”

People were basically taking up for you and saying that you were getting “angry black womaned.” What do you think about that?

I’ll step back and say, I think cast, they’re all individually really good people. I think that they have good intentions. I want to believe that. And that’s just what I’m going to believe. But I do think that from a viewer’s perspective, I can definitely understand how it would appear that way. Because I personally had to refine the way I may have acted or reacted in certain situations because I had that in the back of my mind [I’m thinking] if I react the way I want to in this moment, will that serve?  I wasn’t just thinking about myself in that moment. And obviously, not all of my reactions were the best reactions, clearly, but I definitely think that there were moments that I myself was conscious of that.

The Ultimatum

Source: The Ultimatum / Netflix

And so when I saw those tweets or those comments online, I was like, ‘Yeah, I felt that watching it too.’ And all of the things that he said that she wanted me to work on, she’s horrible at it. Horrible at it! But yeah, Randall recently just had an interview where he talked about that as well, and he acknowledged that he felt that there were moments where people may not realize that there is an extra layer to every interaction when you are a black woman on screen. And whether people realize it or acknowledge it or are aware of it, there are certain stereotypes that fall into play when it comes to how women are portrayed on TV.

The Ultimatum

Source: The Ultimatum / Netflix

Stay tuned for part two of our chat with Shanique where she discusses her friendship with Rae despite trial marrying Rae’s now ex, Zay.


“The Ultimatum” is currently streaming on Netflix.





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