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Black Business Owners Awarded $150,000 Settlement For Racial Profiling

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As far as police are concerned, anyone Black needs to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are in their “proper place” at all times or face harassment, arrest, or worse. Racial profiling by authorities has been a thing in Amerikkka for far too long and it doesn’t appear that it will retire from society any time soon.

According to a report from ABC7, a Black couple in Tiburon, California were ironically accosted by police while they were in their place of business in August of 2020 during “the summer of reckoning”. A viral video of the incident lit up the internet as police demanded that Yema Khalif and his wife Hawi Awash “prove” that they owned their store. The bacon boys only relented after a white neighbor came over to vouch for them. Now, the couple has withdrawn a 6-figure settlement out of the city for their egregious ignorance.

$150,000 was awarded to Khalid and Awash and they are hoping to use the money to significantly upgrade their storefront and help children in Ethiopia and and Kenya via charity.

“We are not begging, we are demanding to be treated with love, with dignity and with respect,” Khalif said on Tuesday at a press conference in Tiburon.

”This isn’t about just me and Yema,” Awash added. “It’s about every single Black and Brown person that comes into the Tiburon community, that comes into the Belvedere community.”

Peep the video of the confrontation below.



As a result of this harassment, one officer and the chief of police was forced to resign. We love to see it!


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