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Deelishis is responding to allegations that she’s surgically altered her appearance.

2017 Women's Empowerment Expo

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As previously reported the “Flavor Of Love” alum sparked sorcery chatter after she shared a video of herself posing and making kissy faces at a camera.

People pointed out that Deelishis looks A LOT different from her VH1 days and alleged that she “had to have had” plastic surgery. One even pointed out that the reality star might have gone under the knife after being body-shamed.

Those surgery allegations only grew stronger after Deelishis, who is currently splitting from her husband Raymond Santana, shared another post about toxicity. The post included close-up selfies of the star sitting pretty.

“Always remember to surround yourself with good people and good energy… even if that means only YOU!!!” Deelishis captioned a carousel of photos. “Sometimes in life it’s important to our mental, emotional and physical health that we separate ourselves from people… and if you’re being real with yourself, you already know who those people are!!! Just because a person knows all of your business doesn’t mean they’re your BEST FRIEND… they might just be your toxic well informed by you friend…”

Deelishis Denies Plastic Surgery

Deelishis has denied the surgery allegations via a video post.

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According to Deelishis, she’s never had a nose job and people “look stupid” debating about it.

“Because I’m probably one of the funniest, goofiest, silliest people I know I’ll take a moment to entertain the idiots in the back again 😆… but honestly who cares 🤷🏻‍♀️ (apparently I do for mentioning it🤔🤦🏻‍♀️) still who cares!!” Deelishis captioned a makeup-free video of herself. “I French inhale Mary Jane through it, I definitely store mucus and buggers in it, oh and I use it to SMELL!! Like I really don’t know why people examine other peoples mucus hole ( 👃🏽) so much anyway 🙄 My nose does NO bodily function for you, neither does it give or take your life… so there I’ll say it again… my nose should be as a worthless piece of flesh to you bringing you no perks nor value therefore YOU look stupid debating about it! Next!!!”

In the video Deelishis added,

Deelishis—where’s your nose job? I did not do my makeup yet. When I do my makeup my nose is gonna be—snatched.”




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