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Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors - Game Five

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Draymond Green is a…polarizing figure to say the very least. Over the course of NBA history, there is a long list of players who embody the colloquial saying “you’d love to play with him but hate to play against him”. The only player who could usurp Draymond as the king of that list is probably Dennis Rodman. Green is more than comfortable trolling, irritating, agitating, goading, taunting, embarrassing, and potentially injuring opposing players in order to get a W. Glass-half-full basketball fans to appreciate his angsty approach to the game, others are viscerally disgusted with Green’s sometimes petulant behavior. Whatever your feelings about him are is fine but what you can’t do is use your dislike of the man to espouse your racist rhetoric.

According to Complex, a Memphis Fox 13 weatherman named Joey Sulipeck crossed the line big time after game 3 of the Warriors-Grizzlies Western Conference semi-finals on Saturday:

“And chew on this: Draymond runs his knuckle-dragging open mouth ALL GAME LONG, but mild-mannered Kyle Anderson disputes one call and gets ejected?” Sulipeck wrote. “Next level jackassery.”

“Knuckle dragger” has numerous meanings but it also has racist tropes used to describe Black people to compare them to apes, who walk around dragging their knuckles.

Not only has Sulipeck deleted the tweet, but he’s also deleted his entire Twitter account after righteous backlash rained down upon him like missiles from Thanos’ spaceship in Avengers Endgame.

Suffice to say, Joey’s employer is not happy with him. He needs to be fired immediately. Meanwhile, Draymond took to Instagram stories to request that Joey keep that same energy at all times.

Even Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about the racist tweet and you already know how he gave it up:

“Does it surprise me that a weatherman would tweet a slur at Draymond in 2022?” Kerr asked. “Not in the slightest bit. This is America. This is how we operate.”

Preach. Church. Tabernacle.



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