Nick Young Talks Being Meme Famous And Crying On Camera!

‘VH1 Couples Retreat’ Exclusive: Nick Young Talks Being Meme Famous And Showing His Emotions On Camera!

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Nick Young and Keonna Green are definitely one of our favorite couples on ‘VH1 Couples Retreat,’ so we were super excited to chat with none other than Swaggy P himself about their time on the show.

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Nick Young and Keonna Green have been together for close to twenty years. That’s a LOT of history.

We chatted with the former NBA star about learning new things about Keonna during their time taping ‘Couples Retreat’ and we also got to talk about how emotional the athlete turned reality star got in front of the cameras.

“We just wanted to talk to somebody, get away from the kids, and me and her needed one-on-one time, we needed to be around other couples and see what they’re going through and just put everything on the table,” Young said of the couple’s decision to join the reality series, now in its second season.

Nick Young Talks About Shedding Tears On ‘Couples Retreat’

From the very first episode, we can see Young opening up in a way we haven’t seen from the star athlete in the past.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to see that,” Young said about his on-camera emotional moments. ” t’s over for me, everybody is about to see this. It’s cool though. They need to see me tear up a little bit.”

Nick Young Enjoys Being Meme Famous

Since he is one of the most famous faces in the social media world of gifs and memes, we asked if he had any fear of being further meme’d thanks to moments on the show.


Young said he’s actually not too worried because he’s grown to embrace being meme famous.

“People don’t even know I play basketball sometimes, they’ll be like ‘Aren’t you that meme guy?’ but it’s cool. I use it too!”

Nick Young Talks About Hearing Hard Truths From Partner Keonna

Young also opened up about one of the more difficult moments from the first episode, where Keonna admits that she actually wasn’t happy during some of the times when she allowed Nick to believe she was. He said that while it was hard to hear he was glad she was able to get things off her chest.

“I was shocked but I was glad she was able to express how she felt,” Young said of the moment. “I thought it was brave for her to tell me how she really felt. I put her through a lot so I knew she had some feelings, but I’m glad she was able to really talk and let some things go.”

Young said ultimately couples therapy might be too emotional for him, but that since doing ‘Couples Retreat’ the pair have made a concerted effort to do more date nights and take time away from the kids. Young also said their sex life has improved since doing the show, but added that Keonna ‘doesn’t want any more kids,’ so it has slowed things down some.

Some of Nick’s most vulnerable moments on the show come from him talking about his kids and his fear of being portrayed as a bad father. The dad of three talked about spoiling his kids and shared that all three somehow manage to join him and Keonna in their bed nightly.

“I love my kids, they’re like my world,” Young told BOSSIP. “\ I feel like we need more dads portrayed in a positive way. I’m always there for my kids. I try my best to give them whatever they need. I spoil them, but they need to be spoiled. I was spoiled, I was the baby.”

Check out the full interview below:

‘Couples Retreat’ airs Monday nights on VH1 at 9pm est / 8pm CST.

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