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Saucy Santana x Teen Vogue

Source: Ally Green / Teen Vogue

Saucy Santana Covers Teen Vogue

Celebrity makeup artist turned rapper Saucy Santana just went from ‘Material Girl’ to cover material AGAIN!

A month into opening up for Latto on her ‘777’ tour, Saucy Santana sat down with Teen Vogue for their June cover story.  The rapper opened up about his parents and upbringing for the feature, as well as his love for queen Britney Spears, keeping his energetic boundaries intact, and not always being readily available for clownery and chaos. No stone was left unturned as Santana, born Rashad Spain, discussed his surprise over how quickly he went from a celebrity makeup artist to a celebrity in his own right.

“I thought I was going to be a celebrity makeup artist, I didn’t think I was going to be the celebrity getting their makeup done. I didn’t think that I would be a rapper. But I’m happy it happened,” he says. 

Saucy Santana x Teen Vogue

Source: Ally Green / Teen Vogue

Before rap became a real possibility for the influencer, Santana spent his early days in Bridgeport, Connecticut, fanning out to S Club 7 and the Spice Girls. He developed an appreciation for wrestling and named blonde bombshell Trish Stratus as his WWE favorite. The Tiktok sensation says “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” is his favorite song by Britney Spears. He credits his parents’ love for luxury for his spendthrift ways.

“I seen a lot of luxurious things early, which helped me be a material girl,” Santana explained. 

When his family moved to Tallahassee, Florida the cultural influence would change Santana’s trajectory forever.

“Florida? We just have our own culture and our own flavor to music”.

That Florida flavor must have added to the sauce, as “Material Girl” catapulted Santana into certified stardom. No longer just Yung Miami’s silly sidekick, Santana’s accidental TikTok fame pushed him into his own spotlight, rightfully so.

Although he’s most known for his hilarious Instagram lives and one-liners like his infamous “Caresha, Please,” Santana is sure to let people know that he is not a joke. Throughout his interview, he references being extremely serious, moody, and usually having a bit of an attitude.

Saucy Santana x Teen Vogue

Source: Ally Green / Teen Vogue

“I have many moods. I wear my expressions on my face, that’s something that I’m working on,” Santana said in regards to his serious demeanor.

 “A lot of people see me and they’re looking for ‘internet Santana,’ ‘Caresha please Santana,’ and in real life, I’m dead-ass serious,” he says. “You not going to ever make me feel like I’m forced to take a picture with you when I don’t feel like it. You’re not going to force me to be happy when I’m not in a happy mood. I’m human. I go through stuff like everybody else.”

Having healthy boundaries has been key to staying level-headed with all of the new developments in his career.

Saucy Santana x Teen Vogue

Source: Ally Green / Teen Vogue

In addition to touring with the “real a**, rich a**,  b**** from the Souf” – Latto, Satana has a collaboration with Grammy winner Lil Nas X and was a special invited guest to black, queer fashion designer Laquan Smith’s notorious Met Gala after-party. He also just recently signed a deal with RCA Records after turning down multiple offers following the viral success of “Material Girl”.

“They believe in Santana. They see the vision. I’m just happy someone wanted to get behind me, elevate, and grow, and just be the biggest star possible,” Santana says about the partnership.

Santana also spoke about his hopes for celebrity superstardom as he continues his reign as Material Queen.

“I just want to be a superstar, a megastar. I want to do everything possible for Santana, whether it’s acting, movies, magazine covers, Grammys — just everything that I could do.”

A natural entertainer, poised for the process, ready to work, Santana makes it abundantly clear that he wants everyone to know he is not playing games on his road to mega fame. Saucy Santana is serious about his business and appears to be here to stay.

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