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It’s hard to hear when you’re wrong, but sometimes the adult thing to do is to admit blame

Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler

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Judge Lynn Toler is back to help another couple on Thursday night’s episode of ‘Commit Or Quit.’ We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure and this one might shock you a little.

If you’ve been keeping up, this show is all about couples who’ve reached a roadblock in their relationships who ask Judge Lynn Toler to help them figure out if they can fix their issues and fully commit or if they’re better off calling it quits. On this week’s episode, Judge Toler meets with Mackenzie and Unique about their communication issues.

Right off the bat, Mac opens up about Unique fixating on the negative and never rewarding him when he addresses her complaints.

“You don’t highlight when I do things that you ask me to fix,” Mac tells Unique.

“I definitely didn’t know that I wasn’t showing my appreciation for the things that you’ve changed, because in the past I would try to show these things to you,” Unique says.

“In the past,” Judge Toler, interrupts her, before continuing. “I’m trying to help you out. The grown woman’s response is, ‘I hear you baby and you’ll know from now on.’ Bam.”

“Bam, there you go,” Unique concludes.

If only it was as easy as that. Judge Toler won’t give Unique an easy out though.

“You got upset when I redirected you,” Judge Toler admonishes. “This is basic man/woman stuff and you are just indignant about it.”

“You hang on to the stuff that I do that you don’t like,” Mac adds. “But you never say ‘Hey listen, I see you did something good.’

I’m not trying to put you down, there’s no shade. I don’t want you to feel no type of way.”

“Nah we good,” Unique reassures him.

“No you’re not good,” Judge Toler responds. “That was a bold-faced lie. I can’t help you if you’re not truthful with me. You’re not good and you know you’re not good. You’re hot as a firecracker. How are you going to call me out here?”

At this point, Unique has had enough. She storms off from the couch and tells production not to follow her. As you see her walking first outside, then upstairs, she mutters, “I’m not going to sit there all night, cuz I’m not dealing with this.”

Watch the clip below:


Do you think Unique should be embarrassed over how she reacted? Or is it only natural that she would be defensive?

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Mac’s been married once and doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Unique is ready for a real commitment, but social media is killing their relationship. Judge Toler will decide if they should Commit or Quit!

Commit Or Quit With Judge Lynn Toler Episode “Friends With Benefits?” Premieres Thursday, June 9 at 10PM ET on WeTV

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