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Six years is a long time to date without putting a ring on it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler

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It’s Wednesday and we’re just a day away from a brand new episode of ‘Commit Or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler.’ We’ve got a sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure. In the clip we’re introduced to Antoine, 36, and Kieyesia, 41, who have been dating for six years with no ring in sight.

Antoine and Kieyesia met on social media when Antoine slid into her DMs 6 years ago and the two have been together ever since. Unfortunately, the relationship has been anything but smooth. Antoine’s ex-fiancé, and mother of his child, continues to butt into their relationship. On top of all of the baby mama drama, Antoine’s social media persona is a source of contention for Kieyesia and she doesn’t like that she is completely absent from his world. He thinks she isn’t on his level and after 6 years of dating, both are starting to wonder if their relationship has a future. Unable to pull the trigger themselves, they need Judge Toler to come in and decide as neither is willing to go another 6 years stuck in the same place.  

Crazy how they met on social media but he’s not including her in his social media right? Well things take a quick turn when Judge Toler shows up and tells the couple she’ll marry them immediately if she deems them ready to commit.

Check out the clip below:


Whew, Antoine with the strong, ‘No.’ That can’t be a good sign for the future of this couple!

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

After experiencing devastating losses, Ayanna and Brian seek Judge Toler’s help to determine if their past baggage is too heavy to carry into the future. When shocking secrets & fertility struggles rock their marriage, Judge Toler decides their fate.

The new episode of ‘Commit Or Quit With Judge Lynn Toler’ “Marriage Is Prison?” premieres Thursday, May 26 at 10PM ET on WeTV.

Will you be watching? 


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