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When it comes to social media, no one is safe, even someone as beloved as Zendaya.

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While rumored to have been dating for much longer (as far back at 2017), Zendaya’s relationship with Tom Holland was confirmed in July 2021 when the Spider-Man costars were seen kissing in Los Angeles. Since she’s one of the most pined-after women in the entertainment industry, millions of fans were hurt to see her in a relationship, which has persevered in the year since.

This week, one social media user took advantage of just how beloved Zendaya is by creating and spreading a completely baseless rumor, claiming the Euphoria actress announced that she was pregnant.

The latest trend on Tiktok sees millions of people getting #Krissed. Users post videos with fake information, and after luring others in, they add a clip of Kris Jenner dancing with text that reads, “SIKE YOU JUST GOT #KRISSED IK YOU R SHOCKED NOW SEND THIS TO SOMEONE TO GET KRISSED.”

That’s how the rumor of Zendaya’s pregnancy started, with a user named @sqxvs making a video of her fake Instagram pregnancy announcement, ultrasound pictures, and all. From there, the rumor made its way to Twitter, where people had a field day talking about the possibility of her pregnancy, wondering how so many people got lured into the same trap.

Now, the actress’ name is still trending on Twitter, partly from people actually believing the news…and partly because of others getting their jokes off.

Zendaya doesn’t usually respond to baseless rumors like this one, so we probably won’t hear from her about this one.


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