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Spider-Man 3 - UK film premiere

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Despite the complaints of the MAGA minority about “woke culture”, Marvel has always been a company that used its superhero allegories to represent real social issues that impact real people. Comic godfather Stan Lee believed in humanity and knew that there were a great many people in American culture who were not just underrepresented but outright disrespected with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. That said, they don’t always get it right and today is most certainly one of those days…

Miles Morales ‘What If…’ Comic Book Sparks Outrage Over Racist Tropes

Spider-man: Enter The Spiderverse might be the greatest animated film of all time. It brought to life the legend of Miles Morales, an Afro-Latinx boy who embarks upon his own unique Spider-man adventure while capturing some of the most comic book-looking art we’ve ever seen on a screen. The film instant thrust Miles into A-list celebrity territory and put a lot of new eyes onto his version of the wise-cracking web-slinger. And as Uncle Ben’s indomitable saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Miles’ latest tale’s writer must have somehow missed that part.

Final Draft Big Break! Screenwriting Awards

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Twitter timelines are blowing up over the newest What If…? release starring Miles that depicts him as a version of Thor. The premise is simple, what if Miles became the God of Thunder? What would it look and sound like if a young Black man was also a Norse diety? Well, according to Screen Rant, the writer of this despiKKKable dialogue, Yehudi Mercado (pictured above), believes it would go a lil’ somethin’ like this…

In the above panel, Miles calls Thor’s home of Asgard his “hood”, there is graffiti tagged all over the sacred hammer Mjolnir, and Miles cringely quips “Hammer time” as he takes possession of the iconic weapon. B-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

Miles also rolls around in a goat-drawn Cadillac and quotes Tupac Shakur when he wants people’s attention…

An Amazon bio describes Mercado as a “Mexican Jew” and unfortunately, it’s showing. Based on the writing, Mercado either doesn’t know a single Black person in real life, or he has wildly racist ideas about what it means to be young and Black. We’ll also accept “C, all of the above” as a correct answer.

This is all racist as hell and it’s upsetting me and my homegirls!


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