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Bernard Hopkins, The Executioner, is set to fight washed up Roy Jones on April 3rd. Hopkins is 40-some-odd-years-old, but still kicking a*s in the ring and outside… business wise. Bossip chopped it up with the outspoken and surprisingly sharp Executioner, who is also a partner in Golden Boy Productions.

BOSSIP: We can talk about the upcoming fight a little, but Bossip wants to know your secret to success and what you represent as a partner in De La Hoya’s “Golden Boy” production team?

Hopkins: I feel it is groundbreaking in being versatile. We tell our kids to not put all our beans in one basket, but do we mean what we say?

I stayed in the game for my brain, but I was brought to the game with my fist. “I want to be this, or I want to be Jay-Z,” but what are you doing to learn about managing yourself? You can’t manage yourself when you’re ignorant. I stayed in the game because my education furthered me in the game, as far as management.

BOSSIP: So, it’s not just about boxing to Bernard?

Hopkins: I have been blessed to do all three… manage myself since 95, teamed up with Oscar 5 years ago…. and boxer from day one! That’s a manager, promoter, fighter… three hats! Before that I wasn’t with an exclusive promoter, even though I had the titles. You have to be a crusader of your own career. You have to learn their game and not become them. When you can blend in with the atmosphere that you are a part of you become a serious threat. Every now and then they try me… but I still got that dog in me.

BOSSIP:What do you mean “they try you?”

Hopkins: Well, it’s about knowledge brother. They never told me how to do low interest rate bonds… calling me crazy when their investments failed. Then questioning my business and personal practices and outlook on life. I have been held down by the system and by my own peers.

BOSSIP:So have you studied, learned, and become a better business man/person/boxer?

Hopkins: The system put on a full blown assault against Bernard Hopkins and tried to discourage me, and take away my time.

I am a late bloomer… I am a late starter. I didn’t start getting my dues till I was 30. I have not walked away at this age because I have never been hurt, never been severely cut, never been really beat up. I am still fresh. I have that luxury of talking with intellect.

“How is he talking like he doesn’t have marbles in his mouth… most boxers don’t talk like that when he is their age???!!”

The in God We Trust printed on that money is not my money… that is theirs!!!” F*ck me doing that time, I have worked to be where I am… I have never been a HBO boy, or house negro. I was never the guy inside the house…even though I have the coat on I am still a field negro.

They don’t have to like me, but they will respect me. I would rather my wife and kids to respect me and love me instead of them.

BOSSIP: What is your key to “Executing?” Your body shot? because we know you have a deadly one.

Hopkins: The body shot is the money. The body shot slows down everyone.

BOSSIP: Any predictions on the upcoming fight with Roy Jones Jr.??

Hopkins: Prediction is this; 60% of the winnings to the guy that wins this fight. That is all!


The fight with Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones should have happened years ago. With that being said… we still want to see these two 40-something fighters scrap each other up.



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