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Have you been watching “Mathis Family Matters”?

Mathis Family Matters

Source: "Mathis Family Matters" / E!

A brand new episode of “Mathis Family Matters” airs on Sunday and we’ve got a sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure. Judge Mathis is certainly no stranger to TV, but “Mathis Family Matters” offers fans a rare look into his life outside of the courtroom.

For the first time in 15 years, all four of the Judge’s kids are all living in the same city and the series dives into each of the Mathis family members as they navigate through life, love, and of course, Hollywood.

On Sunday’s episode, Judge Mathis and Linda Mathis get to meet their son Amir’s new girlfriend Sally who has been a HUGE subject of controversy in the Mathis household, mostly because Amir’s divorce isn’t yet final and his siblings (and parents) think he’s moving too fast and needs some solo time to heal from his last romance.

In the clip below, Amir introduces his girlfriend Sally to his parents Greg and Linda Mathis over dinner. Amir’s mom dives right in with the questions and Sally tells them a bit about herself and her family. Things seem to be going well until Sally volunteers that Amir didn’t kiss her until their fourth date. When Amir adds a little TMI that’s when his parents get serious with the grilling, and the Judge even asks if either of them are on crack!

Check it out below:


What did you think about Judge Mathis’ advice to the couple?

The new episode of “Mathis Family Matters” airs at 10PM EST/PST on E!


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