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Emmett Till Candlelight Vigil

Source: Jackson State University / Getty

In the first Doctor Strange movie, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character, Mordo, utters the line, “The bill comes due” numerous times in reference to the titular character’s penchant to violate the rules to serve his own purposes. Point is, when you do wrong there are always consequences even if those consequences take years to manifest.

Emmett Till Supporters Protest At Carolyn Bryant Donham‘s Home

To say that Carolyn Bryant Donham “did wrong” is a gross understatement. Her bill BEEN due. Her lies led to one of the most infamous and horrific murders in American history and we don’t care how old she is now, her a** needs to be locked the f*** up.


According to WRAL, folks in North Carolina are on that same type of time when it comes to Emmett Till. Word is that dozens of folks showed up at two different locations demanding justice after a warrant for her arrest was found in a Mississippi courthouse.


Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

These folks were about that life in the realest way possible. First, they went to an apartment listed as one of Donham’s previous addresses.

When that turned into a nothing burger, the vigilant group walked inside a senior living facility that was previously connected to the lynch-inciting liar. One demonstrator was quoted as saying:

“How can you eat? How can you exist knowing that you got the blood of a child on your hands?”

Another stating:

“Time to face your demons. Come on out”

This is the type of energy we like. We have no doubt that these folks will find Carolyn Bryant Donham and see to it that she pays every cent that she owes for her part in a young Black child’s murder.




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