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Former Atlanta Amazon warehouse worker steals $100K in Apple products by simply showing up and pretending to work, hitting the entire Southeast totaling $300K in theft across multiple states.

Amazon warehouse on former Cerro Wire site in Syosset, New York

Source: Newsday LLC / Getty

Sometimes, a business can become too big for its own good, and Amazon might be a perfect example of just that. Amazon is seemingly growing every day and taking over the way people shop. With a massive year-over-year growth, one thing that must grow with it is the operational process.

Amazon Warehouses are booming night and day to meet its same-day, one-day, and two-day delivery promises. That same process can also leave a lot of loose ends, which apparently can be exploited by employees–or former employees–who know the system.

Former Amazon Warehouse Worker Shows Up To The Warehouse, Walks Out With $100K In Apple Products & Continues Theft

Coweta County deputies say a 28-year-old was arrested and accused of stealing over $100,000 worth of merchandise from Amazon warehouses including one in Newnan, Georgia. The surprising thing is all he had to do was show up as if he was working, walk in with employees and use his knowledge of the inventory system to steal the products. Authorities report that during the heist no one suspected a thing and the suspect allegedly loaded up a cart, then drove off with the stolen goods.

Surprisingly, he may have gotten away with it, but greed led to his demise. The former Amazon employee proceeded to drive to warehouses across the Southeast and repeat the same process which worker. With the warehouses so busy and having new faces daily, the theft went unnoticed until the products went missing and the warehouses reviewed surveillance footage to piece things together.

The suspect has been identified as 28-year-old Markece Ryans and he faces charges of second-degree burglary and theft by taking.

You can watch the footage of the heist below courtesy of FOX5.



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