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Emmett Till Murder Trial

Source: Bettmann / Getty (Carolyn Bryant Donham (left) and Juanita Milam (right)

Emmett Till is a name that no Black person will ever forget. The events surrounding his lynching are the stuff of nightmares and yet there is nothing imaginary or subconscious about them. It happened in real life because of real lies and the person held chiefly responsible for his death has escaped the consequences and repercussions that she deserves for far too long. Hopefully, the invigorated efforts to bring her to justice come to pass and soup cookie comeuppance can be served as cold as the hearts of the perpetrators.

Carolyn Bryant Donham’s Never-Before-Seen Memoir Unearthed


Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

The white woman who initiated the brutal lynching of Emmett Till is named Carolyn Bryant Donham. She accused Till of making sexual advances toward her which ultimately lead to the 14-year-old’s completely disfigured face being placed front-and-center on the cover of JET magazine for the whole world to see back in the 1960s. It was a chilling moment of clarity for these united states to see exactly what white supremacy does to African-Americans.

Emmett Till Candlelight Vigil

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We recently posted about protesters’ mission to locate the now 88-year-old and bring her to justice via an old arrest warrant that was found in Mississippi. Today, thanks to NewsOne, we have our first look at an unreleased memoir that Donham wrote putting all her racism, lies, and faux victimhood on full display. The 100-page document entitled “I Am More Than A Wolf Whistle” was dictated to her daughter-in-law in an effort to absolve her from her crime against Black humanity.

Till asked for candy. Instead of paying, Donham claims that he grabbed her hand, cornered her when she tried to get away, grabbed her hips and made lewd remarks.

“What’s the matter, baby? Can’t you take it? You needn’t be afraid of me, I’ve f—ked white women before,” she writes.

Later in the malevolent manifesto, Donhan attempts to blame Till for his own death by claiming that he confirmed the lewd accusations to her and her husband’s face. This is the part that will REALLY piss you off.

Via NewsOne:

She writes: “We got him, but we want to be sure it’s him,” her husband said to her as he and two other men walked into the store holding Till by his arms.

When they asked, “Is that him?” she said no.

“You have the wrong person, it’s NOT him. Take him home, please take him home,” she writes she told them.

In a bizarre moment, she claims that Till then outed himself.

“To my utter disbelief, the young man flashed me a strange smile and said, ‘Yes, it was me,’ or something to that effect,” she writes.


Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

We pray to almighty sweet baby Jesus that they find this decrepit bag of bones and drag her a** into a prison cell for whatever is the remainder of her life.

You can read more on the memoir HERE.


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