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Apparently, it’s not just cops who get to use “I was in fear for my life” as a justification for any and all acts of violence involving a Black victim. In fact, it appears that any old white man with a gun can use the stale excuse as a crutch after the shooting of a Black person and avoid charges as long as he leans on those magic words.


According to WGN 9, 24-year-old Aaliyah Ivory of Park Forest, Illinois, was on her way to Chicago Saturday afternoon to hang out with friends when she and her car ended up shot up from behind after an alleged road rage incident. Currently, there’s no indication that the white man who fired on her and shot her six times has been charged in the shooting.

“I was trying to get over, but as soon as I tried to get over, the man didn’t want to let me over. So he tried to run me off the road. So I still tried to get in front of him so I could get away,” Ivory told Fox 32 from her hospital bed.

Both Ivory and the unnamed shooter had concealed carry permits, but Ivory said she never drew her gun.

“He told someone I drew my gun at him. We are both concealed carry. I was so scared, I couldn’t even get to my gun fast enough,” Ivory said. “My gun has a safety on it. They can do any type of test to see I never discharged my firearm or anything.”

Ivory said she suffered “two bullets in my back, one is 2 centimeters away from my spine,” but fortunately, she was able to pull over on I-57 and witnesses ran to help her before she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Ivory’s family members told a similar story to WGN, but they also mentioned that the shooter “called her a racist name” and “she called him a name back” before “he got behind her” and “next thing you know bullets started to shoot.” The family also said they were told by a detective that the shooter said he was in fear for his life and that he was released without charges.

“They said he feared for his life,” Ivory’s mother said. “But my daughter was shot in the back.”

Exactly. I’m just going to go ahead and state the obvious here: A Black man who shot a white woman six times would be in a cell right now regardless of his permit and claims that he was in fear for his life—especially if his victim was shot from behind.

Meanwhile, Ivory has a long road to recovery with a bullet lodged in her spine and damage to other parts of her body.

“One surgery she has to have is in her hand because she threw her hand up to block the bullet,” her sister, Kimberly Ivory said. “It shattered like 30 bones in her hand.”

As for the investigation into the shooting, we know next to nothing.

“According to the investigative unit, both parties involved in this incident are cooperating with the investigation,” Illinois State Police said in a statement. “The investigation is still open and ongoing.”

According to Fox 32: “Anyone who witnessed the shooting or has any information is asked to contact ISP by phone at 847-294-4400, or email at Witnesses can remain anonymous.”


One can only wonder why there’s this much ambiguity in a case where only one person fired a weapon and the other person is shot six times.




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