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Boooooy, I bet when the person in that Rosita costumed snubbed those two adorable Black girls at the Sesame Place theme park in Philadelphia, they weren’t expecting the aftermath to be this serious. They probably weren’t expecting any backlash at all and they probably weren’t expecting anyone outside of those girls to notice or care. They may not have realized they were on camera and they probably expected us to buy the park’s bullsh** excuse that its costumed employees, whose sole purpose is interacting with children, often have trouble seeingchildren

Rosita---Sesame Place

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty


Unfortunately for The Masked “No” Finger, Black people aren’t just going to let this slide the way Rosita slid by those girls and right into the next white girl’s arms (who they could see just fine, apparently).

Attorney B’Ivory LaMarr told TMZ that at least one of those girls is so hurt and traumatized by the incident that is staying with her grandmother so she can be shielded from the publicity and regain her emotional stability. LaMarr told the outlet that the child has been overcome with emotion, crying and upset because she can’t understand why Rosita would treat her differently than white kids.

Attorney LaMarr added in an interview with NBC10 that the incident has taken a toll on the children’s mental health.

“Their hearts were completely shattered by a character,” said LaMarr. “And tickets are not cheap. This is something these young girls were looking forward to. Words can’t describe the type of grief they are going through right now.”

He added that a lawsuit is possible and mentioned the other stories that surfaced on social media claiming similar incidents at Sesame Place in the past.

“We never bought the story that was told by Sesame Place, and I don’t think the world bought that explanation either,” LaMarr said. “So it was not surprising to see substantial videos flourish to substantiate the allegations that are made in this case.”



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