Behind the scenes at Sesame Place

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Disney will forever be “The happiest place on Earth” but an amusement park dubbed “Sesame Place” shouldn’t be too far behind. The children’s playground is based, of course, on the long-running show Sesame Street and is meant to make little kids of all colors, creeds, and characterizations smile with glee. Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened this past weekend…

Black Girls Snubbed At Sesame Place By Rosita Character

Sesame Place in Philadelphia is currently taking heavy incoming fire all across social media after millions of people have now viewed a viral video where two Black girls were visibly upset after excitedly waiting for a hug from a character named Rosita. In the video, Rosita is walking down a parade path hugging, waving at, and giving high-fives to the crowd of kids. The two excited girls awaited their turn to have an interaction with Rosita but were left sad after the big furry muppet waved a “no” finger at them like it was Dikembe Mutombo after blocking a shot on the basketball court.

Suffice to say, the girls’ mother was on TEN and she shared her ire with her followers on Instagram.

Sesame Place attempted to put the fire out but the toothpaste was already out of the tube and ain’t nobody trying to hear that s**t.

One lil’ Notes app apology isn’t gonna cut it. Especially not when A-list celebrities like Kelly Rowland are chiming in.

As if this dumpster fire needed any more gasoline, there are even MORE videos of Black children being completely ignored by this Rosita!

Wtf is really going on at Sesame Place? It might as well be a Trump rally!

Another one…

Best believe Twitter is going to do its thing and find the person who was in the mascot costume. That person might as well delete their account now…


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