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Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue just reopened after a deadly mass shooting in May and is already the target of another white supremacist.

Buffalo Supermarket Where 10 People Died In Mass Shooting Prepares To Re-Open

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NBC reports Joey David George faces federal charges for threatening Black people with mass shootings across the country, including the Tops locations in Buffalo.

The 37-year-old was arrested on Thursday on two counts of interstate threats. Although he is a resident of Lynnwood, Washington, George is accused of terrorizing businesses and Black people from coast to coast. On July 19 the coward called in a threat to the Elmwood Avenue Tops location under the name of “Peter.”

“The caller asked how many Black people were in the store. He said he would make the news if he shot and killed all of the Black people, including all of the women, children, and babies. He asked if the employee had cleared out the building. He said there was a chance he was already in the store, or somewhere nearby,” according to the federal criminal complaint.

“He said that if he did not see anyone at the store, he would travel to the Jefferson Tops store. In May 2022, a gunman killed ten people in a racially-motivated attack at the Jefferson Tops store. During the July 19 call, ‘Peter’ said he was a really good shot and could pick off people from the parking lot. He said he had assault rifles and other weapons.”

Tops Friendly Market chain spokesperson Kathleen Sutter confirmed that they immediately responded. “We take every threat seriously, and our team works with local police agencies to assess threats and react accordingly,” she said.

The Elmwood Avenue location evacuated everyone and closed early. “Peter” the punk called back the next day raving about a “race war.” It may sound like George is just a pathetic copycat of the May domestic terror attack, but he’s much more dangerous than that.

Domestic Terrorism Before Tops

Two days before the White supremacist attack in Buffalo, George made similar threats in San Bruno, California. Under the name “Tony,” he targeted Shari’s Restaurant and Pies. He threatened to shoot Black or Hispanic patrons unless the restaurant closed within 20 minutes. When San Bruno cops called “Tony” back, he launched into another racist rant.

“The individual told the SBPD Officer that he called the Shari’s restaurant because he wanted to attack Black people and strike fear into the Bay Area’s Black community. According to the complaint, “he stated Black people are not human, but rather ‘sub-humans.’ He said he was proud of his actions because he instilled fear in the employees and customers of the restaurant.”

Although George attempted to cover his tracks by blocking caller ID and hiding behind fake names. However, he couldn’t resist the alabaster audacity to brag. Every time police returned his lynch mob cold calls, George rambled racist manifestos about targeting innocent Black people.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, these threats date back to last year. On September 11, 2021, George threatened Verilife Dispensary in Rockville, Maryland as “David Lester.” He said “he was sick of ‘n***ers’ harassing his girlfriend, and he was on his way to the business to shoot and kill ‘n***ers.’”

“I did it for fear,” George allegedly confessed when Rockville police called him back. “I felt Black people do too much and have it coming.”

Authorities claim he made similar calls to a Denny’s in Enfield, Connecticut.

Why did George get away with this pattern of racist terror for over a year? The infamous Buffalo grocery store was just the most famous and recent target in a long line of serious crimes. Yet, George continuously confessed his agenda to the police with no consequences. If this is how they protect and serve, the last things they need are more funding and less accountability.



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