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Once again, the call is coming from inside the house.

Mass Shooting in Buffalo New York Leaves 10 Dead

Source: Kent Nishimura / Getty

Last week, BOSSIP reported that before the mass shooting at Buffalo’s Tops Market, the gunman invited more than a dozen people to a chat with details about the attack. The Buffalo News reports one of the 15 people invited to the alleged killer’s private Discord server was a retired federal agent.

It is still unclear whether he accessed the chat with months of elaborate plans 30 minutes before the shooting began. Why was an unidentified fed on the shortlist for a sneak peek at a terrorist’s deadly conspiracy? Law enforcement believes the former agent was one of six people in regular contact online with the suspect in “an online chat room where racist hatred was discussed.”

“Blue Lives,” White Hoods

Like a disturbingly high number of other corrupt cops, he seemed to have a lot in common with the white supremacist. Since authorities are still investigating what he knew and when he knew it, it’s unlikely he was in those virtual cesspools to intervene or alert other members of law enforcement. His expertise would be unbelievably dangerous on hate-filled sites like 4chan, where several mass murderers spent a lot online.

“These were like-minded people who used this chat group to talk about their shared interests in racial hatred, replacement theory and hatred of anyone who is Jewish, a person of color or not of European ancestry,” said one of the officials with knowledge of the investigation. “What is especially upsetting is that these six people received advanced notice of the Buffalo shooting, about 30 minutes before it happened.”

“The FBI has verified that none of these people called law enforcement to warn them about the shooting. The FBI database shows no advance tips from anyone that this shooting was about to happen.”

FBI agents are currently tracking down and interviewing those six people, including one of their own, to determine if they should be charged as accomplices. The sources still did not reveal which federal agency previously employed the unidentified former agent. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office in Buffalo declined to comment on the investigation.


Who is The Sandman?

The FBI is also reportedly tracking down a demented mentor to the shooter. The lengthy diary he wrote in the private Discord chat repeatedly referenced someone he called “Sandman” and “Saint Sandman.” This mysterious individual advised him on the pros and cons of various AR-15 semi-automatic rifles’ manufacturers and quality. The suspect purchased an AR-15 to carry out the massacre allegedly.

In a passage of the Discord diary dated May 2, less than two weeks before the tragedy, he quoted the Sandman’s chilling advice. Judging by its sound, the Sandman is just as likely to be a Fox News talking head or GOP politician. Isn’t this type of rhetoric eerily familiar?

“When the time finally comes to deal decisively with a whole host of society’s problems, and not go to prison for it, you’ll know. Just be ready. You have spent your entire life, from the day you were born, right up to this very moment, reading this sentence, coming to where you are right now. Look around you. Are you content with where you are right now? Are you where you want to be? If so, continue to march. If not, what are you going to do?”

Law enforcement in the U.S. proves once again that there are so many bad apples because it is rotten down to the root.


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