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What kind of holy hijinks are these????

Bishop Lamor Whitehead, the pastor who was robbed by gunpoint while streaming during a Sunday sermon, wasn’t too pleased with a YouTube personality who he felt made light of his traumatic experience. Now, some folks are raising a few eyebrows at the self-proclaimed “Bishop” after he used some rather unholy language to confront the aforementioned media star about the wrongdoing.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead at IDK's Listening Party

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This week, Pastor Whitehead made an appearance on Larry Reid Live, a popular YouTube show hosted by multimedia personality Larry Reid, to discuss the robbery that went down at his Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries church in Brooklyn.

As previously reported the man of faith was in the middle of a live-streamed Sunday sermon when three armed men burst into his church and robbed him. The thieves made off with $1 million worth of jewelry via Whitehead and his wife, police said, after initially saying the value was believed to be around $400,000.

The New York Post reports that the robbers hit the jacket with Whitehead and stole a $75,000 Rolex watch, a $75,000 Cavalier watch, a $25,000 Episcopal ruby and diamond ring, a $25,000 Episcopal diamond ring, a $25,000 pair of earrings, a $20,000 diamond and emerald cross, a $20,000 Episcopal ring, a $20,000 Episcopal cross and a $10,000 Episcopal gold cross.

Pastor Whitehead Explodes In Anger On Larry Reid Live

What many expected to be a calm and candid conversation quickly turned into a heated yelling match after Whitehead accused Reid and his co-host Geneses Warren of cracking jokes about the scary incident.

“You don’t joke when they put a gun to my daughter’s face! You don’t joke! You don’t joke! You don’t joke!the pastor yelled while viewers watched along presumably with their jaws dropped.

Reid and Warren vehemently denied joking about the robbery. The two co-hosts claimed they were poking a bit of fun at the church’s seemingly outdated decor in the background of the viral video that included thumbtacks hanging up step-and-repeat backdrops, but that didn’t seem to cool down the angry clergyman.

“I watched you! I watched you!”

Bishop Lamor continued:

“Brother I got a life. I got a life, okay? I have a life, alright? And I’m alright, I’m alright! That is material things brother, that’s material things! I got life, I got life, alright? But something you can’t change is your face, you can’t change your face and you can’t change the way you look, okay? And that’s what you’re mad at. That’s why you attack people, that’s why you attack the church.”

At one point during the live stream, Bishop Lamor teased Warren about her weight, calling the Atlanta pastor “a fat slob” and “Biggie Smalls.” He also called host Larry Reid a “fa**ot.”

“You don’t even know me and I’m sitting here watching you. I’m sitting here watching you laugh at me and you don’t even know me. You don’t even know me. You not gon’ tell me what I heard and what I sat here and listened to y’all talk about me and my church, alright? Okay?” he continued before ending the chaotic live stream with a few final words:

“My family could’ve died, you wanna laugh about it? Larry Reid, Ima say this to you, you could kiss my *ss! You and Biggie Smalls [Geneses Warren].”



Larry Reid Claims Bishop Lamor Was Scamming His Devout Followers

After his unruly Instagram Live exchange with Whitehead, Reid told fans that he was holding on to some scandalous information about the Bishop’s past, and some of the allegations looming about the Canarsie, Brooklynite has people wondering if the recent heist was actually real.

Reid claimed that he personally knew people who had been scammed out of money by the devout Christian…allegedly. In 2006 The New York Post reported that a pre-saved and sanctified Whitehead was incarcerated and spent five years behind bars for grand larceny and fraud before turning to his faith. A detective noted that he was busted while wearing “a pimp-style red-and-white waist-length mink jacket” and he was charged with 10 counts of identity theft for allegedly targeting victims by stealing identities and obtaining lines of credit from financial institutions. The paper also detailed a litany of other allegations of unscrupulous behavior about Whitehead who’s spoken openly about going from prison to the pulpit.

Now in Larry Reid’s comments section, some fans are chiming in with their own thoughts about the YouTuber’s allegations.

“I still believe it was staged…. He didn’t even talk about the robbery… he talked about his possessions and money….,” one user responded.” He’s too into himself.” While another person wondered:

“Perhaps it was all staged for insurance purposes to increase his “millions”?

As previously reported, the suspects involved in Sunday’s robbery made off with nearly $400k in jewelry from Whitehead and his congregation. The culprits fled the scene in a white Mercedes Benz and now, the Bishop is offering a $50,000 reward to community members who can provide more information about the robbers’ whereabouts.

We can’t assume anything until more information comes out, but this is surely one heck of a story.

You can watch the full live stream between Larry Reid, Pastor Warren, and Bishop Lamor down below.


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