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A cop is racist. Show of hands, who’s surprised? Nobody? Anybody? Bueller?

White Cincinnati Cop Caught On Camera Using N-Word

Cincinnati police officer Rose Valentino revealed her true self to her department and society-at-large via her body camera when she uttered the following sentence while wearing a badge and a gun: “F—ing N—–s, I f—ing hate them.”

However offensive you find that egregious example of white grievance, you’ll likely find Valentino’s mayo-slathered excuses even more rage-inducing. According to NYDailyNews, Valentino has been suspended for her bigoted behavior pending an investigation. When confronted by her superiors about the incident she ran down a Family Feud list of the most common responses when white folks get caught being white folks.

Show us, “Not ALL Black people”…DING! Valentino says she made the comments in response to a Black male student who, appropriately, gave her the middle finger while walking past her patrol car.

Local outlet News 12 reports that the officer told police investigators her use of the N-word “was not intended to refer to all African-Americans,” but only to the teen who flashed her an obscene gesture.

Show us, “They say it. Why can’t I?!”..DING!

Investigators said Valentino insists she does not harbor prejudices that effect her work and, according on one officer, she claimed she’d been “desensitized to racially offensive language” by hearing music and conversation on the street where such talk is used.

There should be nothing to think about. The use of blatantly racist language like this should be an immediately fireable offense for any cop anywhere in America.

We’re almost positive that she’ll be back on her beat in no time after a lil’ slap on the wrist.



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