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Big Moe!

World of Flavor with Big Moe Cason asset

Source: Nat Geo

Celebrity Pitmaster Big Moe Cason is elevating barbecue with his 4-part unscripted Nat Geo series ‘World of Flavor With Big Moe Cason’ where viewers follow the U.S. Navy veteran as he leaves his culinary comforts behind and embarks on an epic journey to seek out the most mouthwatering dishes cooked over an open flame.

The Champion Pitmaster spans the globe to connect with new cultures and serve up meals to make the locals proud.

World of Flavor with Big Moe Cason asset

Source: Nat Geo

Along the way, he dives for fresh conch in the Bahamas, roasts ‘gator in Louisiana, connects with his roots in South Carolina, and braves piranha-infested waters in Colombia while exploring the many connections between American barbecue and cultures around the world.

We caught up with the award-winning barbecue master who fired up the grill to give us some tips on making the absolute best brisket.


The Prep

– Trim off the excess fat so you have a good surface to apply your rub.

Pro Tip: When you’re ready to serve, you’ll need to slice against the grain for tender slices. Score the back end of the flat ahead of time, so you can easily locate against the grain once it’s done.

– Spray the brisket with a little oil to allow the seasoning to adhere, then season all over.

The Cook

– Heat your grill to 225F.

– Place your prepared brisket on the grill with the thicker end facing towards the heat source (if you’re using an off-set stick burner)

– Wrap the brisket when the meat reaches 160F. Use a combination of butcher paper and foil.

– Remove the brisket when the meat temperature reaches 200F.

– Let the meat rest so the juices time to work their way back into the meat.

*He also recommended only marinating meat an hour before cooking instead of letting it sit over night which strips the meat of its juiciness

“World of Flavor with Big Moe Cason” airs Mondays at 10/9c on Nat Geo.


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