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Alriiiiight noooooow…

A newlywed “Married At First Sight” couple had a hot and steamy shower scene that left viewers peeking at through their fingers at their TVs. On Wednesday’s episode of #MAFS, the couples embarked on their honeymoons to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and for Stacia and Nate, in particular, sparks flew.

Nate and Stacie, MAFS, Married At First

Source: Mallory Kessel / Kinetic Content

On their wedding night, the duo enjoyed ONLY cuddling [we think], and when they woke up the next day they bonded during a breakfast convo. The two confessed that they had been subjected to colorism and Nate shared that he felt misunderstood as a military brat. According to the groom, when he moved to the U.S. after living in other countries, he moved to a Black community and was teased about being “light skin” and “mixed.” Luckily for Nate who is Black and Korean, his wife commiserated with him on dealing with something similar.

“I’ve dealt with that as well,” said Stacia. “In grade school, I did go to a predominately white school and I’m light skin so I don’t feel accepted by either side. I think over time just growing into myself, at this time in my life I don’t care what anyone says or thinks or how they perceive me.”

“I’m getting better,” said Nate but it will come up to everyone once and a while. “Just be there for me,” he added when Stacia thoughtfully asked how she could help.

Later during their honeymoon, the happy couple told the fellow #MAFS participants that they were bonding quickly and pretty much the “male and female version of each other” but waiting to have sex.

“We finish each other’s sentences!” said Stacia.

“We have that intention to really learn more about each other, even though I wanna get it in…” said Nate.

Stacia also told the cameras that on a scale of 1 to 10, she thought Nate was a “100” looks-wise.

Stacia And Nate’s Steamy Shower Scene On #MAFS

Despite pledging to not have sex, Stacia and Nate decided to “save water” and shower together while on their honeymoon and the #MAFS cameras were on standby to see it—ALL of it.

Viewers saw Stacia and Nate tangling tongues and some people cringed and laughed about seeing the intimate moment.

Do YOU think they’ll make it through the honeymoon before consummating their marriage?


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