Vincent Alabama police chief and assistant fired over racist text

How They See Us: Alabama Police Chief And Assistant Chief Fired After Put On Blast For Racist Slavery “Joke”

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Cops don’t like Black people?! Allow us a moment to clutch our pearls in faux shock. The sky is blue, water is wet, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B need to just go ahead and box, all of these things are certified facts but we’re all reminded of how true they are just about every damn day.

According to, Police Chief James Srygley and Assistant chief John L. Goss have been fired following the release of a particularly galling text message that the two men exchanged. The men who swore to “protect and serve” made a “joke” about slavery that has enraged the Vincent, Alabama community. It went a lil’ something like this.

Assistant Chief Goss (“allegedly”): What do you call a pregnant slave?

Chief of Police Srygley (“allegedly”): ?

Chief of Police Srygley (“allegedly”): ??

Assistant Chief Goss (“allegedly”): BOGO, buy one get one free


The Vincent city council not only voted to fire both men but also to disband the police department altogether and contract security services from the county Sherrif’s office. It was imperative that the council move Mayor James Latimor terminate both men after it was suggested that they only be suspended. However, suspension means “with pay” and, well, nah.

“I am making a motion that this city council advises the mayor to take the action necessary in order to take the steps to terminate both of these employees because frankly, I personally do not want to see a reward for bad behavior of $16,000 for each person,” said District One Representative Gary Anaker.

Far as we’re concerned all these cops should have their department phones monitored for this type of s**t.


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