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It’s been a rough last few days for Barbz who had the displeasure of watching Nicki Minaj’s Twitter feed devolve into a series of episodes for a show that could only be titled, Now, Sis.

In case you missed it, the “Barbie Tingz” rapper expressed her vaccine hesitancy via an ill-advised tweet-storm that included one tweet in particular that should have stayed in the drafts.

Now, everyone with even a modicum of common sense read a tweet about Nicki’s cousin’s friend’s fiance canceling her wedding because the groom-to-be had swollen testicles from being vaccinated and rightfully thought, “Now, sis, I know you’re smarter than this. I know you know your cousin’s friend caught an STD from cheating and tried to blame it on Pfizer’n’them.”

Of course, the CDC swiftly debunked such claims, but Minaj did find an unlikely ally in one of the few Black women (I guess she’s technically still Black) who would believe it: Candace Owens.

"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

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This is everything,” Coon-ella DeVille tweeted. “Real queens do not act because of peer pressure. It’s not about fitting in or being cool. We all know someone who has had a bad reaction to the vaccine and yet these stories are being censored by Big Tech. Thank you, @NICKIMINAJ for speaking truth.”

Of course, Owens believes this nonsense, of course, she does. 

This, after all, is the same woman who got all in her mammy-fied feelings over a private laboratory refusing to give her a COVID-19 test because it didn’t want to be associated with someone who spreads medical misinformation faster than she spreads a collage of the words “be white” across her vision board.

Also, can we just talk about how cringy Owens’ use of the words “real queens” is?

If Owens said “real queens” in the mirror five times, Dr. Umar Johnson would jump out with a hook hand to offer her a free-with-donationssss anti-swirl seminar.

Anyway, in a single tweet, Owens continued to prove that she’s an expert on how vaccines work like her cult leader Donald Trump is an expert on tanning consistency and toupee placement. She also continued to prove herself a hypocrite, because she got into a whole Twitter feud with Cardi B over the Bronx rapper’s WAP-positivity, but all it took was a little anti-vax propaganda love for her to align herself with Minaj, who specializes in the same general form of entertainment Cardi does.

One can only wonder how Nicki herself feels about Owens’ show of approval because she just got done calling MSNBC host Joy Reid and “uncle tomiana” for going in on her and her misinformation-spreading tweets.


If Minaj thinks Reid is a Tom, what does she think about the president of the “Harriet Prob Would Have Shot Me” committee giving her a public endorsement?

Again, sis, next time just keep it in the drafts.

Nicki Minaj Rings In New Year 2017 At E11EVEN Miami

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