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Antique colorized photo of the United States: Picking cotton

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F***ery is afoot inside school classrooms nowadays and if you’re not vigilant, these soup cookies will have your children in shackles calling them “massah” under the guise of education.

A recent report in the LA Times tells of a lawsuit that a Black mother named Rashunda Pitts filed after her 14-year-old daughter was subjected to a very insensitive and unnecessary project. Pitts says upon dropping her daughter “S.W.” off at school one day she noticed that a cotton field had been built in front of the building.

Concerned, she asked to speak to the school’s principal Amy Diaz but ended up talking to Assistant Principal Brian Wisniewski. Wisniewski told Pitts that the children were reading The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass and the “garden” was erected to give the kids insight into how slaves lived. Right.

Here’s where it gets shady af.

Pitts was told that the cotton field would be removed but when the Los Angeles Unified School District released a public statement addressing the controversy they said the following:

“Tending to the garden where a variety of fruits, vegetables and other plants grow is a school-wide tradition that has been in place for years and has never been used as a tool to re-enact historical events,” according to the statement. “When school administrators became aware of a parent’s concern about the cotton plant, they responded immediately by removing the plant.”


That last bit about “…has never been used as a tool to re-enact historical events” directly contradicts what she was told by Wisniewski which is that the whole point was to re-enact slavery. It can’t be both “Oochie Wally” and “One Mic”, folks. As a result of this, the lawsuit claims that “S.W.” has suffered emotional distress and restitution needs to be made.

“She (S.W.) has uncontrollable anxiety attacks and has experiences bouts of depression when she thinks about the cotton picking project,” according to the suit, which also alleges negligence and seeks unspecified damages.

Hope they get everything.



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