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National strike of taxi drivers against the competition bill

Source: AGF / Getty

The shootings that resulted in a double murder and one injury in midtown Atlanta earlier this week were shocking to say the least but the newest update to the story is absolutely jaw-dropping.

According to a news report by WSB-TV, Raïssa Kengne walked a few blocks to hotel to hail a cab after she was done with her bloody reign of terror. What’s crazier is that the cab she called is a regular driver of her’s who knew what she had just done!

What’s even CRAZIER is that the driver, Patrick Mandu, was having a whole secret conversation with the police WHILE Kengne was sitting in his backseat without her even knowing!

We can’t make this stuff up. Peep the video below.


This cabbie has some sack to even consider picking that lady up much less talking to the cops about the people she just murdered a few minutes ago. The fact that she not only told him, “nah you safe” AND paid him $100 on a $48 fare is just…it’s very chaotic. As mind-blown as we are, we can’t even imagine what Mandu is feeling right now.

To call him “lucky” is an understatement. Perhaps sharing a hometown of Cameroon saved his life.


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