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A Twitter chatter causing couple recently dished to BOSSIP about being featured on an Issa Rae-created show.

As previously reported the second season of HBO Max’s Sweet Life: Los Angeles has been burning up Twitter timelines as folks watch this good-looking group pursue their dreams in South Los Angeles all while taking lavish vacays, reaching career and relationship milestones, and navigating friendships as young, black and beautiful 20-somethings.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

The sophomore season was especially interesting as it featured more of Keilan and Candiss.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Keilan, the cousin of cast member Jaylenn, and Candiss, the friend of Jaylenn’s girlfriend, Tylynn, had a rocky first season–but shone this time for much more interesting reasons.

In Sweet Life: Los Angeles season two, Keilan and Candiss ad honest conversations about taking the next steps in their relationship, and for Keilan, that meant a child. But for Candiss, that meant marriage—and having protected sex so that they wouldn’t have a kid before they were ready. Keilan pushed back and was adamant that they’d tie the knot in “God’s time” and the tense convos caused a ruckus on social media—but that’s not the only reason why these two caught people’s attention.


In the final episode of Sweet Life: Los Angeles, the couple inadvertently drove the drama when Candiss told her homegirl Tylnn that Keilan might have discouraged her boyfriend Jaylenn from proposing to her.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Keilan and Jaylenn apparently had a conversation about Jaylenn getting down on one knee, and afterward, the engagement plans vanished.

Needless to say, that ruffled not only Tylnn’s feathers but the viewers’ as well.

BOSSIP recently caught up with Candiss and Keilan to talk about their sophomore season, those real and raw moments centered around their relationship, and THOSE Keilan “sabotaged” Jaylenn’s proposal allegations.



We got way more insight into you guys as a couple on Sweet Life: Los Angeles season two. So for you both, who was your favorite person to film with? Was it each other or was there someone else on the cast that stood out?

Candiss: My favorite person to film with? I think it was him. I mean, it’s just a bond [that we share], honestly. It’s just a bond. So we were able to really take it there together.

Keilan: Yeah. I think my favorite person filming with was probably between Candiss, Marcus, and Jaylenn. Just because I’ve known them the longest on the show and I’ve been more comfortable with them.

So, Candiss, like you said, you guys have this strong bond, how has it been watching your relationship play out on Sweet Life: Los Angeles?


Candiss: It’s been a rollercoaster.

I can imagine. I know y’all get DMs…

Candiss: Yeah. My DMs are booming and I’m loving it. Because people are so inspired. People are thanking us and… well, I’ll speak about my DMs personally. People are really appreciative that I was open and vulnerable to talk about something so private on national television. It’s been good. People are reaching out. Everybody relates. Oh, so many women are just like, “Thank you, I’m finding my voice.”A lot of women are afraid to have those kind of conversations with their dude, because it’s just like a power trip or whatever, but they’re getting their voice and I love to see it, honestly.

What about for you Keilan?

Keilan: Same in the sense I feel like people are just showing mad love. People are just showing mad respect. People love the way that I’ve been getting a lot of people saying they love my character. Just that me just being very authentic and standing firm and whatever it is that I believe in and really not being rattled or shooken up under certain circumstances. But yeah, it’s been cool, man. I’m in it for the ride. It’s lit. It’s fun. I have fun with it.

What is the status of the Sweet Life friend group after season two has played out? Is there another spicy group chat going? How is everybody doing?

Keilan: I mean, I think everybody good, but there’s some things that we don’t want to spill too many beans and stuff like that. There are some unresolved issues that got to be addressed and everything like that. But for the most part, everybody good. We good.

Candiss: Everybody good. I feel like everybody just understands the assignment. So we on the same page. We’re beating to the same drum.

So one thing we also saw this season was a lot of talk about wanting to take the next step in your relationship. And people were wondering Keilan, why you kept saying you wanted things to move in God’s time in regards to either having a baby or getting married. So now we’re months removed from filming Sweet Life, where are you now with that in your relationship? Do you think the next step for you guys is to have a baby? Or is it marriage?

Keilan: Well, to just kind of clear things up. I’m at the stage where me and Candiss, we do know we want to grow with each other. We want to be with each other long term. There are some things that I do want to address within our relationship before we take those next steps because I want to make sure that we have a solid foundation. Now on the flip side of things of her having a baby, I want to be able to do things that make Candiss feel a little bit more protected. So whether it comes down to, like she said, wearing the condom and wearing the protection and doing all that. But also if it even comes down to her getting on birth control because if her biggest scare is really more so getting knocked up, well, then I want to make sure you do what you need to do to protect yourself, so that’s that. And then, as you protect yourself, then that now allows us to address what needs to be addressed before we move on.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty


Candiss, what do you think about the status of your relationship now? Because it feels like you guys came to a good conclusion.

Candiss: To be honest, it’s still a work in progress. It’s not perfect, but nothing is, right? I know for a fact that I don’t want to start birth control again because it’s too much hot and cold with my body and I’ve already chosen aside and for health, my personal health reasons, birth control as far as a pill or putting something in my body is not ideal, so that’s not an option. As far as I’m concerned, I do want him to wear protection so that we don’t have a slip up because we’re definitely going to keep making love to each other. Let’s be real. So I want us to have the conversation. I want us to have open dialogue about the next steps so that I have that sense of security of the direction of our relationship. I don’t want it to be a conversation we had five years ago. And when it’s brought up today, it’s shut down because that leaves me with a lot of question marks and I just don’t like that.

Now, speaking of open dialogue on the Sweet Life, on the final episode, there was a lot of talk about what was said or what was not said to Jaylenn about possibly proposing to Tylynn.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

And I would love to give you a chance Keilan to really clarify that because a lot of people thought that you talked your cousin out of that proposal. What really went down in that situation?

Keilan: I mean, first and foremost, the simple fact that I had a conversation with my cousin, mind you, me and Jaylenn. That’s my cousin. I’ve been knowing him since bathtub days. You know what I mean? So if anybody knows Jaylenn it’s me. I know Jaylenn more than her [Candiss], I know Jaylenn more than Tylynn, to a certain degree. And when it came down to that conversation, because that was between me and Jaylenn, I feel that Candiss didn’t even get the full scoop of the conversation. So she only can go based off of my conversation with her. So with that being said, she kind of gave Tylynn just a little bit part of the story of what really conversation was like, because she only knows so much herself. But with that, I never told Jaylenn to not marry Tylynn. I just wanted to make sure that my cousin was confident in the decision that he was making. I didn’t want him going pump faking into the next step of his relationship.

I wanted him to be confident. So it’s like a basketball player. I’d rather him be confident in his jump shot rather than just pump faking. Like take the shot, bro. And if anybody is able to make you think, and then you feel that you want to pull back then to me, that’s just a sign of, bro, you really wasn’t necessarily ready because if you really 100% confident in your decision, then nobody should be able to shake you no matter what.

So I feel like that, and I feel like Tylynn was a little bit emotional with everything. I feel like emotions were high. Candiss’ emotions are high. And when Candiss went to Ty, it was just like, oh well, he say she say. Nobody really came to Keilan and said, “yo, what was said?” That’s really my biggest issue about everything. You don’t come to me with disrespect. You got to approach me and we can have a conversation and I can thoroughly explain to you what’s going on.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

Candiss, do you have any regrets about sharing that information with Tylynn?

Candiss: I’ll say that I was put in a hard position the moment that I found out the conversation that him and Jaylenn had because here I am on one hand where I want to be loyal to both parties, of course. But immediately, my heart broke for her [Tylnn] because I immediately thought about—not to project, but I immediately thought about how I would feel if I was in her shoes as a woman. And I knew that I would hate me if she was in my shoes and she held that information. Because whether he was ready to pull the trigger or not, a woman deserves to know something like that. And if you’re not ready to move forward, the facts are the facts. If you were ready, you thought you were ready. You had a conversation. Then you renege on your decision and you don’t want to do it anymore. As a woman, you want to know that kind of stuff because you want to have dialogue.

You want to get an idea of what are we doing with our relationship and just on a girlfriend level, the conversations that we have and all of the struggles and strides that she’s made since the abortion, and how they’ve really grown their bond as a relationship or as a couple I should say, I was disappointed. I was very disappointed. And I wanted her to just be aware. I wanted her to have the information that I had, honestly.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

You were just being a good girlfriend to Tylnn…

Keilan: We know-

Candiss: … And I knew it was going to be like, why are you and Keilan talking? You know how you felt, though Keilan?

Keilan: Let’s just say this. We know who not to go tell anything to.

Candiss: Whatever.

For both of you guys, what is next? I know you guys do business together. What’s next for you guys as a couple?

Keilan: Really the type of business we do. We work in financial services. So we’re business owners. We run our own financial agency. We have a bunch of licensed agents within our agency that we work with. But really our goal is to just really grow our business tremendously, get into real estate, buy some property. What else would you say, babe? Some other things I don’t need to talking about myself here.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max / Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Candiss: I’m actually dropping some stuff, as soon as we get off this zoom call I’m going to be announcing some things for my clothing line. So my newest collection is going to drop within the next month. So I’m starting to announce things and I’ll start taking pre-sale for it. But I see us just really getting a little bit more clarity on how to connect the dots on everything we do. So it’s more oneness to it. More like an umbrella, if that makes sense?  On the business tip, as a couple, I see us working in the direction of definitely getting property together. Because right now we’re renting. We live in downtown LA in a sky rise and it’s very luxurious and amazing. I think we like the luxury, you could call somebody and it get something fixed in a second. But I see us taking some bigger steps just with ownership. So that way the oneness of the home and the family, I feel like will just naturally flow. And of course, we all know that I want the conversation of marriage to start to happen more. But I do know that he’s taking some strides just like in his manhood journey, too. And I’m being gentle and patient with that. So we’ll see, I guess it really is on God’s time.

That’s a good way to end it. How can we keep up with you on social media?

Keilan: Follow me on Instagram. Instagram is the main platform that I really be on. My Instagram tag is at the Wolf. That’s @T-H-E-E dot W-O-L-F.  You can get at me on Twitter at @K10TheWolf. So you can get at me on both of those social medias, for sure. We got good content we’re going to post and season three’s gonna be a movie because there’s some things that we got to talk about.

Lots to unpack? 

Lots to unpack. Let’s unpack it.

Where can we follow you Candiss?

Candiss: On Instagram. I’m @Candisscree and then on Twitter is just reverse, it’s @CreeCandiss.


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