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Safe Schools include School Buses Locked up

Source: Marcia Straub / Getty

This white man has lost his rabid-a** mind. People have made impromptu staycations to the upper room for FAR less. Putting your hands on KIDS? BLACK kids?! Man, listen…

According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a white bus driver for the Morgan County Charter School System named James O’Neil has been arrested and charged with simple battery after he physically accosted two Black students.

O’Neil was seen in a video arguing with Nene and Blake Carter’s 6-year-old son about sitting in the back despite the fact that he regularly sits in the front. Upon pushing the boy backward, the Carter’s 10-year-old daughter told him to take his nasty hands off of her brother. O’Neil then told her, “shut your mouth!” and then proceeded to push her stumbling backward as well.

Your blood pressure is probably higher than Snoop Dogg riding a giraffe on a hot air balloon right now. Ours is too. Peep the video below if you REALLY want to lose it…


O’Neil has been terminated from his job and the parents of the traumatized children have removed them from the school district entirely. Nene and Blake Carter believe this incident was racially motivated as O’Neil has had other issues with the children in the past. If this attack is found to be motivated by racism, this driver should be charged with a hate crime.

“I was stunned…the emotional damage that it did…my kids don’t want to go back to school…they don’t want to get back on the school bus,” Carter told FOX 5.

Everyone keep your hands to yourself and if you value your life as it is currently constituted, please, keep your hands off of other people’s children.



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