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There’s a new show featuring social media superstar B. Simone hitting Bounce TV and it’s one all women can definitely relate to!



“Finding Happy” is a half-hour comedy that follows the black female experience through the unfulfilled life of ATLien, Yaz Carter, beginning with her unhappy birthday. In the ten-episode first season, we encounter Yaz’s loving-but complicated family, her stagnant career in the evolving landscape of radio, and a dicey, merry-go-round of unrequited love while dating in the love desert of Atlanta. Finding Happy reveals over time, for everyone, that true happiness can only be found within.

The advanced screening in Atlanta, GA included the show’s cast members B. Simone, Kim Cole, Stevie Baggs Jr., Angelae Gibbs, MarkÄ“tta Patrice, Taylor Reed and more. Additional special guests included Trina and Toward Braxton, Desi Banks, Jesss Hilarious, Jacky Oh, Pretty Vee, Emmanuel Hudson, Brittney Elena, Big Boss Vette and Terrence C. Carson.

The show has a whole lot of black girl magic in front and behind the camera! Kendra Jo served as the co-creator, writer, showrunner and director. Yasmine, played by B. Simone, served as one of the co-creators and Reesha L. Archibald served as one of the executive producers of the show.


We caught up with executive producer, Reesha L. Archibald and asked her what other ways black women will see themselves on screen every Saturday.

“I think this show reminds everyone that we’re all still trying to figure it out. We’re all trying to fins happy and it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there. If you have to tell somebody no black queens do that! Find your peace because at the end of the day this is the only life we have and if you can’t live it in a happy space then what are you doing?”

Reesha Archibald also noted that Simone, despite not being a trained actor, “dedicated everything of herself into that role. She always knew her lines. She executed flawlessly.”

Kim Coles of “Living Single” plays the role Yaz’s sassy sugar-loving aunt and said,

“Many don’t know this but MarkÄ“tta Patrice acted like a mother for me on set. It was something I needed and wanted and she was taking good care of me.”

Kim also noted that it was amazing working with this next generation of actors and actresses and she was so impressed with what they brought to the show.

Head of Bounce, Cheryle Harrison has been a driving force in Bounce’s development and stands on bringing new and fresh content to the network.

“What’s fabulous about this is fresh content, yes! Relatable content, yes! Key word, authentic. You’ll feel it, you’ll see and you’ll nod your head in agreeance. This show is multigenerational and we hit all cylinders. B. Simone brings it home to your generation and you see her figuring it out. That’s my message, you will figure it out! You’re fine and perfect just how you are.”

With September being self-care awareness month and the show focusing on finding your happiness we asked B. Simone how she takes care of her mental health and how it plays a part in finding her happiness.

“I do so many things! I meditate, sound bowl, I work out and find my quiet place. You just have to figure out what works for you and stick to that regimen. It really makes a difference.”

“Finding Happy” premieres this Saturday at 8 p.m. on Bounce Television. (”Finding Happy” will be available on the subscription-based Brown Sugar streaming app as well.)

Peep the trailer below:



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