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Madonna is getting attacked by fans online after playfully hinting she’s gay by taking part in a new viral TikTok trend.

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The 64-year-old raised some eyebrows over the weekend when she posted a short video, which caused many people to accuse her of “queerbaiting”–a PR stunt in which celebrities hint at, but then do not actually depict, same-sex romance.

Madonna shared a clip of herself in her bathroom, attempting to throw a pair of hot pink panties into the trashcan and missing entirely. The mother of six captioned the post, “If I miss, I’m gay!” After missing the shot, the singer gave the camera a smug look before dramatically turning around, throwing her hand up in the air and seemingly accepting her fate.

According to Daily Mail, some fans took to Twitter to speak out about the video, not liking the fact that Madonna made this video about being gay when all of her public relationships have been with men.

“Madonna queer baiting for relevance in 2022 is not something I expected,” one fan wrote. Another said, “Madonna is not gay. She just wants attention.”

Others wrote: “They doing this to reignite their career, attention seeking. Madonna is not gay and never was,” and “Madonna is gay now? That doesn’t at all seem like desperate attention-seeking.”

Of course, there were also supporters on the other side of the spectrum, saying Madonna has always been vocal about her bisexuality and definitely isn’t queerbaiting.

Madonna’s public relationships over the years include Tupac Shakur, Vanilla Ice, and Dennis Rodman. She’s been married twice, to Sean Penn (1985-1989) and Hollywood producer Guy Ritchie, with whom she welcomed son Rocco, 22. She also had a relationship with dancer Carlos Leon, father of her daughter Lourdes, 25.

While she’s never publicly dated a woman, Madonna did famously kiss Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. More recently, she cozied up to Dominican rapper Tokischa for a remix of one of her songs, kissing her in some pictures for social media.


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